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5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors – by Penny Sansevieria

As a harried author/editor, I appreciate that ‘5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors’ uses a simple and fast-read format. Penny explains how to get great reviews, legal ones, on Amazon. If you have no email list at all, the first part of her advice might leave you despondent, however there are other options laid out for the intrepid author.

I do feel that Penny, having been a multiple top-selling marketing author for many years, gives the depth of advice and honest opinions which novices seek. The book’s content is quite heavily biased to Amazon, which suits many, but I need an all-round approach. That’s why I enjoyed the chapters on author website, social media and newsletters. (I’m the kind of idiot that designs my own website, against the advice of Penny).

I don’t do free eBook promotions as a rule, but after reading the free sites and ‘why free is a killer strategy’, I now have reason to reassess that decision.

The best part for me was the 5-minute tips, so that I can go and implement that thing I forgot, right away. It’s useful in this ‘attention span of a gnat’ world.

Suggestion: I would like to see references for a statistic quoted, if possible. I’d like to look up the surveys that stated “61% of online purchases were made after reading online reviews”, just because I’m like that.

You can buy 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors from Amazon Kindle. (You can also redirect to the Australian store from there).

If you’re a business professional at the stage of finding out how to promote your business through writing, then see Power Marketing: An Aussie Guide to Business Growth. It’s all about creating a voice–a customer-focussed website, blog posts, email, and perhaps even a book–that better sells your services.

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