What is a Publishing Asset?

Today, I want to talk about Publishing Assets, and what are they?

Well, because publishing a book is such a lengthy endeavour, with a lot of time and money involved for sometimes small returns after the initial launch, people are looking at implementing other ideas that can also add value, either after the book is launched… or with the book, or instead of the book. So things like workbooks can help someone who’s doing an online course of yours, or they can also be given in real life courses as a workbook that’s printed out.

And you can get great design templates these days for your workbooks, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Why Offer a Weekly Planner

There’s also weekly planners. Good if you’ve got clients who need some help with their scheduling. I was talking to a fitness coach the other day and she wanted to help her clients get on board with their fitness and healthy eating goals, and that would be easy to just customise a weekly planner to suit her brand and her goals.

So everyone who’s coaching or teaching people in some way need proprietary materials of their own, branded with their own colours and style to supplement their practices.

Indesign Planner Template

The Beauty of Templates for Publishing Assets

So, it’s no good just giving a plain-text Word document anymore. That’s sometimes what people used to do. But that seems a bit ‘plain Jane’ these days, doesn’t it? And there’s really no need to.

Instead, we can buy templates and your handy designer/editor can customise them for you using InDesign, or even Canva, or perhaps Apple Pages or Word if you want to retain the edit-ability yourself. You can browse Planner/Workbook templates at CreativeMarket.com, but ensure you have the software/cloud ware, and know what to do.

Anyway, Publishing Assets will help your business be seen as a real value-giving experience. So that someone can have your book, but they can also sit down and do all the exercises that goes with the book, or they can do the exercises at home if they’re doing an online course.

So that’s what a publishing asset is. Thank you.

Need More Help with Making Workbooks or Planners?

If you need coaching on how to apply a customised workbook or planner to your business, then please enquire. I could buy the look you like and customise it for you, if you don’t have the layout skills, using the commercial licence. I’ll give you tips on how to earn from the workbook or how to use it as a freebie carrot for new readers to subscribe.


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