Apply Unique Selling Strategy to Books

How to Apply a Unique Selling Strategy to Books

One reason that new businesses fail is because they don’t have enough customers… generally because, says Paul Bassat (founder of Seek.com), “They think they are solving a problem… but that problem doesn’t really exist”.

An even more common reason is… in the competitive marketplace, they “don’t offer any unique features that others don’t have”. It’s the same with books that help an author’s profile: the book must have a unique angle.

Why apply a unique selling point to writing books?

Unique Selling Strategy for Books

When writing a new book, I think about a strong selling point that my book can offer Australians. 

For example, the book market is small for Australians looking to grow their money knowhow or micro business. But I don’t worry over that, as there is an advantage in not competing with international finance/business gurus. Instead, I focus on compiling the kind of information that Mums and Dads who want to save for their futures want to read. 

Some selling points are not just from the topic; people in your network will soon realise that they can learn from someone who comes from their own culture and socio-economic reality. I try to make the book’s target reader plain either in the title and subtitle or the book’s description. ‘How to Start a Freelance Business… in Australia’ – it’s fairly self-explanatory! 

Niche Marketing and Book Guide

There are more niche marketing tips for authors in my new Niche Marketing & Book Guide (a printed bonus for new and current clients), which I am offering to others for a one-off, special price.

Most of my book titles allude to a reader benefit. My in-progress title, ‘Creative with Money’ won out over earlier titles like ‘Flying the Coop’ (about scammers) and ‘How I saved $15,000 in a Year’. 

If your non-fiction title either intrigues or contains a reader benefit, you’re onto the right idea! So how do you come up with it?

How to write a bestselling title

Brainstorm at least ten reader benefits from reading your proposed book. What is your main premise? Is it that a woman can give up her diet? Is it that a person can take back their power in the workplace? These defined themes all have several outcomes. These outcomes are what your reader most wants to know, to sleep well at night. So let’s look at some titles.

Hot Sex: How to Do It – by Tracy Cox

How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio in your Spare Time – by Michael Yardney

Powerful and Feminine: How to increase your magnetic presence and attract the attention you want – by Rachael Jayne Groover

Some of these are most-wanted reader outcomes, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Now it’s your turn: what kind of life benefits or outcomes will your book promise? Test them out in the comments below…

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