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Do you want to put out a book that grabs a reader’s attention… influences them… maybe even sells them on you?


Niche Marketing and Book Guide

Even if you haven’t written a word yet, The Niche Marketing and Book Guide is for you. This manual outlines the golden rules for targeting your book, or any business offering, to a particular audience.

It takes you through the first steps to creating your book, including:

    • Coming up with the right title, format, and keywords.
    • Getting a handle on copyright, defamation, libel and privacy.
    • Understanding the types of editing, book design, eBook conversions, and places to sell eBooks.


Niche Marketing aims to target a specific audience with a certain marketing and positioning strategy, rather than multiple audiences at once.

Our Niche Marketing and Book Guide is for authors who are starting out with thinking about marketing their business through a book, and marketing that book!



  • What is Niche Marketing?
  • Who is my tribe?
  • First Steps to Creating your Book
  • Common Trim Types/Book Sizes
  • Creating a Winning Title
  • Selling the Books or eBooks
  • Writing the Content of Your Book
  • What Platforms for eBooks?
  • What Types of Editing are Required?
  • Niche Book Marketing

YES! I understand that this is a LARGE FORMAT (203 x 254 mm), concise, bound guide of 39 jam-packed pages.

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Jennifer Lancaster is the author of How to Start a Freelance Business, Power Marketing, How to Control your Financial Destiny, and Create Your New Life of Abundance. In these short books, she teaches others to market wisely and be mindful of their moolah (money).

An editor and writing mentor for novice non-fiction authors, Jen looks at the meaning behind your words, hence the Power of Words.Jen has also been a copywriter for eight years. Jen is a student of great marketing.

See www.BusinessAuthorAcademy.com for the Book Creation Success club.

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