How to Optimise a Book Sales Page

A book sales page — aka a landing page — focuses the action on just one thing: your book or course. This is so new visitors can read the benefits about it without getting #distracted… as we are likely to do.

When creating your book/course landing page, start with these questions:

1. What’s the purpose of my landing page? Have one clear call to action, like signing up the first video lesson, subscribing for a free chapter, or take this special fans & followers offer.

2. What am I offering my readers? — Not more information, but an ability to earn more, do more, be more productive.

3. How will my prospects benefit from what I’m offering them? — A strong “what’s in it for me”.

4. Have I incorporated the strongest selling points in the headline?

5.  Is there one clear reason for my ideal readers to buy?

6.  Can I summarise some of my longer paragraphs with easier to read lists?

7.   Does the design allow for ease of reading?  White space and Title Case headings are proven to be clear winners.

8.  What do my readers need to know so they can accept and buy now…? E.g. is it a digital download?  Will the course take 4 weeks? Can they get lifetime access? Is your shipping quick? Is your pricing clearly marked with the currency?

Whether you are learning to write landing pages for your book or an online course, you will need to find a platform to build them on, and a testing methodology. But too many template-driven landing pages these days are expensive software.

If you are on a strict budget, then why not check out your own WordPress template?   Make the page clean, without a javascript header, navigation menu or crowded sidebar. (You should however, have an email capture form that appears for everyone and a privacy policy link).

Another great Book Sales Page tool

Another tool I came across and started fiddling with is BookLaunch.io – either free or US$10 a month easy-to-use page builder for a standalone sales page. See the book page I made for my new book. It’s simple to use and pop in your own images and teaser text.

What you don’t do is just mimic your other main book sales blurb: why not create something special for this one?

Upgrading to Premium would be better if you’re going to use this book sales page tool for your marketing. This pricing plan gets you:

  • Unlimited book pages
  • SEO optimised with meta data
  • Add your custom domain name
  • Capture email signups
  • Advanced styles
  • WordPress plug-in, etc.

Learning marketing? There is the helpful Power Marketing book, for Australian business owners, or the multi-media resources for self-publishing authors over at Business Author Academy.

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About the Author

Jennifer Lancaster writes money and marketing books that help educate and inform.

She is a freelance editor, copywriter, and book writing coach who believes in independence and personal growth.

After many years in the industry, Jen has created self-publishing training for authors and advice on book marketing - called Business Author Academy. She lives in sunny Redcliffe, Queensland.


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