Astounding authors, today I discovered another great site for book promotion: Book Life. I found it through the American-based Independent Book Publishers Association. It’s easy to use — just load your Author Profile and upload your latest unpublished or published works, including formats, news, reviews and a buy page link. See my financial book example.

You can wait and have your book reviewed by BookLife (see the blue button on the left-hand side once logged in). That is free, but the Publishers Weekly supplement listing costs US$ 149 (quite a number of listings – is anyone taking notice?). Starting out, you’re probably better off first trying Ingram Advance catalog listing (US$60) or BookSeller+Publisher in Australia. Get yourself a solid publishing name first — like Power of Words! (But not that one, I took it already).

Book Marketing Tip for the day: If you’ve launched your book a few months ago and sales are down to a trickle, revive sales with a Book Price Promotion for one month. (Set it at your POD or eBook distribution site). Amazon Kindle provide a price review tool which highlights the price at which you’ll get more sales — but don’t just go by this — start with taking a dollar off / rounding down below a magic price point for your main country’s market.

You’d be doing me a huge favour if you sampled and reviewed my eBook on Amazon. Now reduced to AU $7.85.

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