The Three Principles of Marketing that Work!

Do you love helping clients? But, when it comes to sales and marketing, you can’t believe how confusing and huge it all is?

You probably don’t have time to read a book, even my book, about marketing 😉 So let’s introduce three principles of marketing that I’ve learned over the past decade.

1) Build your personal brand. Simply, it really helps to connect on a personal level and show people you are both a dedicated professional and a person with substance.

2) Concern yourself with expressing your personal passion for a better outcome… not advertising and competing. Express this through books, reports, posts, and articles. (Most call this ‘content marketing’).

3) Use marketing systems, like a simple CRM and automated email marketing, to help you warm up visitors online and create a follow-up system.

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The Problem: Too Many Tools & Tactics

Particularly in marketing, a business entrepreneur quickly gets to feel like she is drowning in tools and tactics. SAAS subscriptions pop up left and right. Pay-per-click and backlink building is offered as a solution. But before you step… watch out!

Recently, a relative told us of their desire to grow their beautiful furnishing business. First, she invested $5,000 in a website. I think it was Pounds, but we’ll call it dollars. Then, she invested $10,000 in a mother & child exhibition (or something like that).

Now, having pretty much had no return on this 15,000 pounds, she plans to get a local SEO company to put ‘keywords in the website’ for $x per month. ‘Oh God’, we both groaned. If only she would accept my partner’s offer of a call to explain things.

Saying: “if you think education is expensive, just try ignorance”.

It is my hope that there will be no more of this folly in the business world. And in my field, there will be no more overpaying for publishing a book, without thought to personal branding and marketing.

My first step towards a better world of marketing was to write Power Marketing: An Aussie Guide to Business Growth in 2012 (revised 2016). On special for $19, including Australia Post.

Get a better return through writing and branding

Building on these tenets of personal branding, creating niche content, and using leveraged (but low cost) marketing systems, it is much easier to get a better return on your marketing…

Some experts who put this into place years ago and are still around today are:

Michael Yardney… writing / speaking on property investing for Mums & Dads

Nhan Nguyen… writing about prosperity and property developing, and speaking on creative profiting from property ideas

Kathryn Hocking… e-course expert, writes media articles and offers four good-quality giveaway reports/a challenge. She earns a $1 million plus online.

I hope this article on the 3 Principles of Marketing that Works! has helped you focus on what’s important.  I give more tips in my email series “Niche Marketing”, and bi-monthly blog-a-zine. Subscribe per favor===>

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