Using LinkedIn for Authors

Using LinkedIn for Authors – Challenge

This article is more of a guideline and challenge for authors who believe their LinkedIn presence could be better. Let’s call it the “7-Day Challenge to Expand and Capitalise on our LinkedIn Presence”.

As I prepare this challenge, I’m giving away a “Linkedin profile walkthrough” PDF — a 25-page guide on how to improve your profile (like a written tutorial). Ironically, I’m giving this away on my Facebook page: facebook.com/selfpublishingmentor

Preparations for your Profile Sprucing

You won’t need a LinkedIn Premium account, but you will need an account. Don’t forget your email and password (cursed passwords that always change when you’re not looking).

Squint now at your current photo. Are you not smiling? Do you have a tropical shirt on? Has it got a weird background? Is your honey’s arm cut off? It may be time to pick a new one and send your best photo, preferably smiling, to a photo editor. Here I recommend Mr Wikus, as he can do any type of design work and will spruce up your pic in a jiffy.  https://www.fiverr.com/wikus1208

These days you can get a LinkedIn background banner designed, which looks branded and professional. Ensure you don’t put important elements in the middle, as this will be obscured by your photo. If you look at my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see my books at the end. I made mine with Canva Pro, using small book fronts.

Let’s talk Titles

Say you do three things, one of which is write books, but mainly you’re on LinkedIn for consulting gigs. Great, put “[your Speciality] Consultant, Author” in the title. If you put “adding value to business” anywhere in the title, me and the Naff Police will have to come arrest you.


The most important and yet often overlooked part of your whole Profile is the Summary.  Let’s prepare the summary by writing out a one line philosophy and the 2-3 achievements. Or, if you’re changing direction then write more along the lines of “what I can do for SMEs is…..” Be specific!

I have decided to write mine more specifically for my two target markets, whom I define as:

  • Business owners who want to pen a book, for more lead engagement and credibility
  • Novice authors who want to grow their influence and book sales.

Linkedin Summary example

Re-written Summary Example

Summary After exampleOnce you’ve got your draft down on paper and then edited it on Text, it’s time to upload.

First, turn off the notifications on profile improvements to all your followers. (Well, it’s up to you of course, but you may do several).  Look to the right side for this.

Click on “improve profile” – the button under your profile image.

Once you have saved your beautiful work, read it once again for typos and easily misunderstood phrases. Check you have a minimum of three paragraphs, not one long block. To proofread your Profile, click the down arrow on the blue Profile button and click ‘Download PDF’. 

Well that was LinkedIn for Authors, Day 1.  

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