Attracting new buyers

Attracting New Buyers, Despite the Odds

Some have endured the odds of the pandemic and floods, and continue to do so. Thought Leadership is about being resilient. It is about attracting new buyers, so you can write and sell thought leadership books and courses.

Experienced specialists often go into their own business (often with a ‘teaching’ focus) and believe that they must pretend to be BIGGER than just one person. Or that their family business must appear very professional, ‘always on’. Because of this belief, smart business owners run themselves close to empty, giving their all because they think success is about high standards of delivery.

With Thought Leadership as a focus, that hustle is not necessary. The leader steps out to talk about their beliefs and knowledge, rather than hiding behind a corporate insignia. You may be thinking, ‘this doesn’t apply to me’… I’m not… (insert stereotype here).

Yet, it doesn’t matter your AGE, GENDER, or physical ABILITY, or even way of talking – who cares? Because there are lots of people in a certain niche/problem group crying out for specific and knowledgable information.

Book buyers or webinar-takers also want you to ‘show some skin’: show who you are underneath.

Thought leadership materials are books, researched reports, guides, workbooks, masterclasses, in-person presentations, and courses.

Grab my new Thought Leadership for Buyer Discovery guide – go to the Business Author Academy website and register in the pop-up form! It doesn’t cost a thing.

Why a New Website?

It was time to make my Business Author Academy website really clear on how my business can help writers, and offer the Book Creation Success course for the DIYers who want tutorial videos and guides.

GetResponse have a Website Builder that was fairly easy to learn and now I have a beautiful new website with a .Com.Au!

Selling your Knowledge

“It’s better to be a large, colourful fish in a small pond than a small goldfish in a great big pond”.


Meaning, don’t try to conquer the whole world first, start with being known for a unique thing in your city.

First steps for this selling knowledge part is to learn from GetResponse, who have a free University area. It’s incredible the sheer number of marketing areas you can learn. We are affiliate partners and so if clicking the link and you end up buying, we get a small commission.

The Selling Knowledge page provides strategies on building a following, content marketing engagement, social media ads, email marketing, marketing automation, and webinars.

The page also includes a free download, “Sell an Online Course: A Step-by-Step Guide” — the ultimate guide to maximising revenue. 

Next step perhaps, is to take the Fast-Track course at Thinkific (just click to get free access). I took this course and built out the Book Creation Success course on Thinkific. Yes, it was a pleasure to use, with very few technology niggles. A few features are at the higher price point, but they are so professional.

power marketing

Where do You Learn the Principles of Marketing?

Don’t know about you, but I learnt from Dan Kennedy of ‘Magnetic Marketing’ and Bob Bly, copywriting genius and author of 50 eBooks. Incidentally, Dan never had an email address and hated social media ‘metric lovers’. He used to give talks to 500 businesspeople at a time, and they were mesmerised.

Are you following the trail of upstarts with new brands who market on Facebook? Just go back to the basics and learn from these true marketing wizards, who know the fundamentals! Those who know how to communicate good methods, simply, and with stories.

Power Marketing’ is a book I wrote on the back of their great copywriting and direct response advice. Test and Measure. Use Emotions of Buyers. Build Credibility with bylines.

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