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How to Capitalise on a New Brand You? Publish!

Hundreds of people went to the ‘Key Person of Influence’ conferences, and read the book. This marked a huge trend towards ‘becoming a visible expert in your niche’. A seminar and some scribbled notes is just the start… now for the real work of brand | pitch | publicise | publish.  So how do we embrace personal branding by publishing a book?

Like me, you’ve probably been servicing clients and learning your trade for many years. Perhaps the reason you started this ‘expert’ journey is you wanted to stand out among competitors who do not have the same depth of knowledge or helpful experience.

Yet to continue the journey towards an effective Brand You… and a book as a calling card… takes even more dedication than usual. Some of us excuse our inactivity because we’re busy, while others realise that you cannot buy CREDIBILITY, you have to earn it… through attention to detail and helpful information and advice.

Parts of a Personal Brand

The parts of branding encompass:

  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand / Market Position
  • Value Proposition

Think about how these would apply to a personal brand. These may get you to think more about what Brand You offers in the way of a brand promise

What energy is transmitted from the look, feel and words in your logo, website, and tagline?  That ties into “brand personality“.

What position is your brand in the marketplace:  hidden, becoming visible, highly visible

Most importantly, what value proposition do you/your business offer?  This can encompass emotional benefits, not just functional. Ease of stress (from not knowing what to do) would be one emotional benefit of my service.

There is an effective way of adding to your authority by combining book publishing with LinkedIn marketing. Then you can finally get off of Facebook and target the well-paying corporate or consultant clients. 

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Steps to Publishing – it doesn’t have to be Big and Scary

My theory is that everyone who has been servicing in their niche for ten years+ should delve into personal branding and more writing for their target. This might involve, for starters:

  • Creating an exciting online profile that relates to your target market (read your LinkedIn About or About me/us page)*
  • Getting feedback on your appearance and office spaces, even if mobile, and re-thinking it for the profession. A brand strategist might help here.
  • Look at how you can put your ‘verbal’ advice into something written, starting with a blog, guest articles for magazines or business groups, and presentations.
  • Writing down all the questions new clients tend to ask you, so you have an arsenal of topics to write about on your blog.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your first print book or eBook, compiling existing writing, research and your story, then let’s have a coffee chat. I now offer book writing coaching, editing, and a method for outlining.

Book in a Discovery Session with Jennifer to assess costs, editorial support needed, and have a good old chat about your book project.

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