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Landing Pages are Good for eBook Marketing

You might have this preconception that building Lead Generation landing pages are just for selling events, courses, online systems, etc. But any B2B owner or marketer can utilise an easy landing page builder to giveaway an ebook or video course so as to interest a target market.

This could be in the form of a Long form page (i.e. it allows for more points, headings and images than a standard lead capture page). As the page contains more copy, leads can thus be attracted via SEO (search engines) rather than pay per click or pay per lead advertising. It can also be shorter but be directed there from your Facebook marketing or LinkedIn profile.

Video and White Paper on Long Form Landing Pages.

Simple eBook Sales Pages

You can also use Landing Pages for simple eBook marketing. I love landing pages because it keeps the reader’s mind focussed on where they are, instead of wandering off to your blog or outbound links.

You will see on LeadPage’s video of how you can quickly compile a page for a free eBook, or in fact you could sell it from that page. The fact is, the tool takes the guesswork out of where to place objects and reminds you the key things to put in. If you subscribe to LeadPages, it also allows a floating box, (LeadBoxes) which prompts visitors to sign up for your course or news, however it is from US$37 per month.

Alternatively, new WordPress themes like SKT Themes Landing Page Pro ($48 US, once) are all set up to create a landing page and Author about page. With support, they can even fix up your rookie mistakes directly, as I found out when I set up the new Powerofwords.com.au.

Create Impactful, Branded eBooks

You will still need a graphic designer to make you a crystal clear, eBook cover image (in 3D) and a copy editor/product developer to give you ideas for a title and hot selling points — along with perfectly edited content. (Shameless plug coming). Simply put, I can help you create a magnetic eBook.

We refer you to a gifted eBook Cover designer in your budget. After a briefing on the phone, I look at your rough concept and research material. (Sometimes a new client will think the whole thing is already done and you just want it proofread. In reality, this version is usually far from being a lead-engaging-customer-converting-tool). With copywriting skills, I make it engaging and simple enough for your target audience to understand. I also come up with ideas for Headlines on the eBook sales page and various angles to further gain market attraction.

After all, this eBook, report, guide or info package is going to be a trust and credibility builder for you and your offering… so make it the best it can be. If you want to find out the likely costs, please read my Lead Magnet Writing Offer here, but know that it is customisable.

Once you’ve done one or two of the giveaway ebook types successfully, meanwhile building your own subscriber list, then it’s easier to move on to creating longer, formatted eBooks which you can sell to your niche online. Starting from the big end is much harder. Generally, people don’t realise the effort you’ve got to put in to get the eBook production and target marketing right.

__ Interested in my talk on Why Publish an EBook?  Please email Jennifer (Northern Brisbane, Qld) for details.

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