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Want a rich retirement? You need creative money ideas!

There’s nothing that makes me madder than some journalist rabbiting on about sacrificing lots of salary into superannuation. Well, that is all very well if, a) you are employed; b) your employer is amenable to that; and c) you make enough money that you could easily miss 5 or 10 percent of it. But what about all of us in business? What about those retiring now?

I don’t expect that people earning $120,000+ per year are going to be that interested in my 2020 book, Creative Ways with Money, and that’s absolutely fine. I’m writing it for people who are trying to manage on an average income, have fun, but also creatively earn more.

These are the battlers who get caught in the headlights of spruikers.

These are the smart ones, who are servicing others, building businesses, and rarely put much into super, not even the 9.25 percent, sadly.

These are the people who can’t get ahead when they do have spare money, because some bank takes it in interest, some spruiker convinces them to forgo it for property investment losses, or they spend it on high-level courses.

If you’re not an Influencer, read this

I was driving past a lady in a black Porsche today with the number plate ‘Brat’. It reminded me of the Instagram influencers out there earning squillions from their filtered pictures and their butt squats/diets/diet shakes. Once you’re past 38, you really don’t have the look for Insta fame in this way, so creative ideas are necessary!

Creative ideas are what I based all my books on, based my Author Academy club on, and why stop there. This new book, Creative Ways with Money, has got a few tales from the scammers’ rulebook, my observations about fear and greed, and creative monetary ideas I found while on the trail to earn more money and find money I had lost.

Some of the ideas that didn’t make the creative money-making ideas cut were:

  • Multi-level marketing ideas — sorry, but I don’t have the time to ring 100 people
  • Barteos – the new crypto currency – but I do list something about what to watch for in crypto currencies.
  • Working for Revs or copy writer sites for $4 or $5 an hour.

Some of my best personal finance ideas centre around:

  • Keeping what you have saved, safe
  • Keeping control of your emotions (particularly the twin evils of fear and greed)
  • Making money from business ideas, videos or writing books

Women Writers in Personal Finance

I’ve read article comments that noted the lack of female personal finance authors or commentators in Australia. Well, there are some of course, but many of the ones we see most often are paid by the large media companies. There are few who are media independent and not financial planners themselves. (Not that there is anything wrong with that).

Although just a novice in this world, I’m happy to join my voice in with:

Nicole Pederson-McKinnen – @NicolePedMcK (even though a journalist)

Effie Zahos – @effiezahos (an editor of Money Magazine)

Karen Collier – @KarenCollierHS (another Journalist)

Vanessa Stoykov – @ceovanessa (Founder of personal finance info centre, No More Practice Education)

Jane Slack-Smith – @Renoqueen (author of Your Property Success with Renovation) — I have the book and Jane is really genuine.

Creative Money Ideas for a Rich Retirement

You may find few sources out there on truly creative money ideas to help you lead a rich and fulfilling retirement. It certainly has been fun collating some of the best… and providing practical money creation suggestions for someone who is over 35 and who doesn’t want to be an influencer!

The Smart Passive Income Online Business podcast is a good source for ideas, if you’re starting fresh to any kind of solo or side business. There are also good podcasts by our own Michael Yardney talks Property and Women in Business Australia.

So, there are many sources of ideas, including investing authors, articles, ebooks, podcasts, and of course my latest personal finance/marketing books, from $4.99.