THW Global – another work at home scam

Dear readers, today I am among the tens of millions of gullible online workers around the world. Welcome to THW Global, paid video viewing (‘a reverse of Youtube’) – where “apparently” you can make up to $25 an hour (who knows what currency) and recruit others and make even more money (20% extra for the first level).

In some parts the rambling made sense, although the use of ‘up to $25 an hour’ is a bit cagey…. but they failed to convince when I couldn’t find a PAYMENT setting in the user control panel.  Nor could I spot an About Us page. Who are these people?  Khan at OnlineLearningMentor believes he has found the possible creators, people who do MLM scams by way of a living.

Ethan Vanderbuilt, a veteran online scam buster, believes the reason the creators of THW Global do this is “to build a worldwide mailing list” and gather demographics. These days such data is quite valuable.  I just realised that they could also profit from you viewing the videos by charging the video creator, maybe?

He says it is possible for a scam to be free to join, because they are gathering your email, name, country and then demographic data if you fill out surveys. I’ll be sure to unsubscribe.

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