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How do you keep Positive when all your Income Streams turn to Custard…?

My dear bloglings, I am so qualified to write this post that it’s not even funny! Circa 2008 – 2010 was tough, tough, tough. Going backwards is never fun. Positive thinking is lambasted, but what I write about is positive psychology and ideas to keep you motivated.

I know we’re all trying to put on a brave and successful public face, but at times do you feel like you’re one key client account away from closing shop… or are you royally pissed off at your expensive marketing going nowhere? Been there, wrote the handbook.

So, here are four tips for those freakin’ out times (and beforehand).

1.  Always have an emergency fund of preferably 3 months’ bills, and when that gets really low, only then look for a credit card with a low interest rate (e.g. 8.99% McGrath Community First Credit Union $40 annual fee, or ME Bank’s Frank $0 fee and 11.99%) – but not if you are unemployed / on a pension.

Also remember that a temporary money shortage is not necessarily that bad, because if your health fails badly and you’re the main breadwinner, then you’re really in the poo. So also look at making a What If Plan. Any emergency plan is a good idea, but no matter how you term it (e.g. I talk about Emergency Funds and what to do in case of a divorce), the fact is, life can get a little out of hand at times. You think your lot is bad perhaps, but I’ve met people in emergency, who one of them got cancer and they already owed $10,000 on credit cards, bills and a mortgage and could not work. Now that’s worrying, but in the family support services, everyone gets helped with what to do and everyone has hope to work their situation out.

2.  Breathe deeply and get in touch with friends who will be supportive (try the phone, it’s a lot more confidential and reassuring than Facebook). Otherwise seek a free counselling service at your local neighbourhood centre.

3.  Positivity is catching, and so is negativity. Try to spend more of your time surrounding yourself with positive messages. I used to listen to inspiring audio books as I walked a long way, like “The Success Principles”, “The 8th Habit”, and “Secrets of the Power of Intention”. I also read a huge book called “Mastery” by Robert Greene, all about the enrichment of having a mentor. Some of these stories and teachings have really stayed with me and (I believe) helped build my persistence. I don’t think it’s necessary to always remain positive, but all these steps help you from going into the emotional downward spiral.

4.  Journal in a practical way. Write in pen and set out your immediate issues. Explore at least 3-4 options of what you can do about these problems. Set small goals as you start to think more positively. Realise that the power really is in your hands.


If you’ve read this far, then why not leave a little note below about how you are feeling. Also look out for my book, Create Your New Life of Abundance. It has anecdotes, but it’s also about positive psychology, emotions from financial turmoil, newfound hope for depression and practical money management advice. I hope you like it.

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