Caring, Sharing and Giveaways

Caring about clients is one of the principles of a successful salesperson, according to Tom Hopkins (#10 in ‘How to Master the Art of Selling’). How do you show your clients you care?

Do you give from the heart… or are you just giving information to create another name on your database? Here are three tips for increasing your customer care and attraction:

  1. Stop giving out crappy pens that don’t write printed with your business name, and start giving out nice $4 pens that benefit breast cancer (see Avon) to your business friends.
  2. Instead of thinking how you can sell life coaching/meditation trips/furry cat toys, think of how you can make your ideal person’s life better with a specific solution. Then talk about that solution, examples of how it improved things for you or your clients… i.e. come from the heart. This is what goes into your report or case study.
  3. Send just one person an article or link that will help them with a problem that they mentioned (that you couldn’t perhaps help with directly). One small act of thoughtfulness builds that caring connection.

Jim Penman of Jim’s Mowing was saying in his talk (on a Wealth Creator DVD) that when he was honest and gave three prospects unbiased information on why the competitor’s lawn run may be a better bet, they all came back to him anyway. Not because he was the cheapest or offered more, but because they could trust his word.

Learning how to write for business is really learning how to empathise with your reader… and yes, you can do this in a 200-page book or a little 5-page report. Giving away part of what you know freely is the doorway to opening up the universal law of giving.

WHEN YOU GIVE, YOU DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING… when you give, you always gain. Just let go of the form that it ‘should’ appear in. I’m having fun this month with giving.

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