50 Things to Improve My Business

Today I’m documenting 50 things I can do to improve my business. For readers, there should be a few tips and observations which can help you also to get things moving!

  1. I will phone follow-up all enquirers, even those I spoke to with the possibility in their mind of putting out an ebook.
  2. Albeit slowly, I will finish fixing Udemy video course:  New Money Life.
  3. I will keep finding great local business listings to add to the RedcliffeQld or NorthLakesQld or ChermsideQld guide.
  4. I will keep in touch with all those people I connected well with at meetup groups or launches. e.g. LinkedIn connect, coffee date, or email. Use CRM as reminder.
  5. I will keep looking for ways to improve the ebook formatting process.
  6. I will endeavour to track time wisely with Harvest program.
  7. I will invoice all projects promptly and set up all new projects in Harvest.
  8. I will subscribe to Adobe InDesign – mainly for book print formatting, but also newsletters.
  9. I will keep writing for Information Marketers Tipsheet, in spare time.
  10. I will send out (monthly!) Information Marketers Tipsheet, at least by email. Naughty Jen forgot to do July.
  11. I will write informative / newsy articles for Redcliffe Qld and Red Planet Design Blog, focussing on local business or community.
  12. I will help my writer friends find their way on Amazon and Smashwords. I will keep checking Amazon, LSI and SW sales reports and send to clients.
  13. I will promote my eBook How to Control your Financial Destiny through guest articles.
  14. I will give away 2013 – Power Marketing – paperback, to local startup entrepreneurs through the RDA program.
  15. I will get new revision of Power Marketing out, at least in ebook form!
  16. I will get How to Control Your Financial Destiny made into a print book by about October.
  17. I will get good tax advice and prepare for 2015/16 financial year tax-wise. Yes, I know it’s started already.
  18. I will keep learning from the Direct Marketing handbook, including Dan Kennedy’s 10 No B.S. Rules for Direct Marketing.
  19. I will check out my Google Analytics results monthly and make sure my sites are travelling well.
  20. I will help Red Planet Design‘s clients with email marketing set-up, website copy, SEO advice, etc.
  21. I will voluntarily help Seaside Arts Hub with the brochure for Arts Trail.
  22. I will think of the legal consequences of using online images and certain publishing restrictions.
  23. I will keep in touch with old clients by phone or personal emails, and add them all to Zoho & Google Contacts. (+Add Friend helps load their Google contacts details).
  24. I will put that Privacy Policy & Terms on JL website and remember to send Terms with all Proposals.
  25. I will make sure my LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and do status updates.
  26. I will ensure that I don’t under-price my services or under-quote my time, and keep selling my value at market rates. (1 hour with the CCIQ business coach will help here — see local Chamber of Commerce for details of the CCIQ membership package).
  27. I will focus on my expert services, like editing, copywriting, ebooks, and writing news features.
  28. I will focus on the positive clients I want to attract… i.e. not hasslers or penny-pinchers!
  29. I will deeply listen to what people say about what they need help with and outline clearly what I can provide and the limits of that.
  30. I will keep an eye out for an opportunity where I can co-write or coach a writer towards their full non-fiction book.
  31. I will also be amenable to royalties for payment of book production, if co-writer has a platform.  Otherwise the paid publishing packages apply at Power of Words.
  32. I will fulfill all past exchanges and agree only to those service exchanges we both can logically fulfill.
  33. I will BE ON TIME for all meetings by allowing 10 minutes extra for parking and jams.
  34. I will refer book clients to book cover designer contacts whenever needed.
  35. I will enlighten others on the website design process, including the need for copy editing.
  36. I will remember to send Thank-You card/book to any referrers.
  37. I will helpfully refer some SEO enquiries to the DIY platform, Upcity, and save them hundreds of dollars in useless SEO services. Referral Affiliate.
  38. I will only take on blog writing projects where there is a planned strategy (three months is ideal) — even if I have to tap it into a stone tablet.
  39. I will update the JenniferLancaster blog with personal anecdotes and helpful tips, while PowerofWords blog can be about the benefits of content and publishing.
  40. I will participate fully in the events that speak to my interests and review any notes.
  41. I will help promote my friends’ events if possible.
  42. I will stop doing work for free as my time has limits — and my pizza is already full.
  43. I will look after my health and fitness, so I can keep up the energy levels.
  44. Nearly there!… I will maintain the house with help from Jim Olden Gardener and the odd cleaner. When the house is good, I can focus!
  45. I will read the newsletters from IngramSpark, Books+Publishers, BookTrib, Book Marketing Tools, and my QW magazine. I’ll ignore most of the rest.
  46. I will think about my personal brand when I walk out the door and take my business cards to every social or business function.
  47. I will stop chasing the latest new marketing trends… the old ones work fine.
  48. I congratulate Rob on the magazine Designs4Life on the Peninsula and welcome him to team ‘Red Planet Design’. See my article “Four Stages of your Financial Life” in June/July issue.
  49. I will end any unneeded subscriptions, but use Google Drive and Dropbox to back up.
  50. When the day is over, at 5pm I will close down and welcome home my family.. phew!!
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