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Publicity Planning for a Book Launch

Something that many of us non-professional authors struggle with is getting media attention for us and our book, i.e. book publicity planning.

First of all, you will need to tick off the fundamentals:

  1. Is your book and ebook available in the usual places online: Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and big and bold on your website?
  2. Is your book cover professionally designed?
  3. Is your book edited to within an inch of its life?
  4. Do you have a good story around your book… is it a newsworthy topic right now?

Planning some publicity might start with a good ‘book blurb’ and a press release tied in with a newsworthy angle. The book blurb need not be long for this purpose.

The places to release or pitch your story to include:

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  • My third novel was published over a year earlier, but I did not do anything to launch it, because I had to go for my second back surgery. I just started advertising it through “Books Go Social.” on twitter. Do you think it is to late to introduce it as a new book?
    Thank you for your help.

    • IMHO, I believe it’s never too late to publicise your book or ebook. Not that novels are what I do, but I am an expert on delayed promotions! I use my email list and also Buffer (a social tool) for promoting either the book or the themes within the book. Have you tried Goodreads for building up reader friends?

  • All this sounds good, but it is actually quite a bit more difficult. I used to be assigned to interview on-air media types and did so for years. Still, it is VERY hard to get an on-air spot on TV or radio to plug your book (unless you’re already on the NY Times Best Seller list, or some such). I’ve almost given up on sending the classic P.R. Release, as I’m convinced they go right into the round file, if paper, and getting the e-mail address of someone influential enough to override the monoithic Cumulus (etc.) is nearly impossible. Maybe if you’re married to one of the Big Talking Heads in your community, it works better, but the only method I’ve been successful with is my e-mail list, which I painstakingly have been collecting for years. The press doesn’t want to do stories about your book when EVERYBODY has written a book. Just my observation, and I’ve been published (NOT self-published) since 1989 and self-publishing since 2003 with 35 titles.

    • I thank you for your feedback and concur about your own email list being effective. These are just ideas of places to start – I never wanted to infer that it was all easy.

  • As a book publicist that schedules various interviews for authors, the key to securing TV or Radio interviews is to make it timely and offer some kind of take-away tips or information. As Jennifer mentioned, it’s also helpful to tie it into a news story. I will say that Fiction can often be a bit more challenging for radio or TV, but it is certainly possible. You might check out companies that specialize in book publicity since they may have ideas for news hooks and have established relationships with TV and Radio hosts that schedule interviews with authors. Best of luck to you!

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