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Networking to Improve Your Book Attraction!

Once published, it takes a strong story to stand out at a book fair or author meet. But what about in general business groups?  Here, a published author can appear special and maybe capitalise on the pain point that her book talks about, but in a business context.

Some books relate to the business mindset and other stories relate to the personal life challenges. Either way, a business person is a human being first! Most can relate to your story if you include it in conversation.

For instance, my book Creative Ways with Money has parts that apply to personal life (saving and investing wisely, productivity, income) and business life (skills and passion to start a new business).

If your past (as related in the book) is a bit too deep for light conversation, then start your story with the outcome and relate to others through the up-down nature of your journey. Remember to gauge the interest of the person you are talking with and let them ask a question or voice their opinion.

Also remember, that people perceive things differently and so keep your language plain and simple.  

If you have trouble getting out your story and interesting people in your book within a couple of minutes, then find Melanie Wood of Speaking Styles. She can coach you to do a heartfelt public speech story.

Book Launch: Creative Ways

Business Networking Groups in Moreton Bay

Here are some amazing Business Networking groups where you can start to tell your story:

Hills Chamber of Commerce (Arana Hills), Brisbane

Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Qld

Brendale Business Connect

MIBA Networking Moreton Bay

The Ocean Network, Woody Point, Qld

Moreton Bay Networking Breakfast

RDA Business Workshops, Moreton Bay

Queensland Business group on Facebook

Networking in person is presently ‘on hold’ but check out the Facebook groups of these above.

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