There’s No Money in Books!

Just today someone said to me emphatically, “My friend wrote a book but he said there isn’t a lot of money in writing books.”  That’s true…

Crikey thinks so.  (Article here – then come back)

Author of ‘Fat, 40 and Fired!’ Nigel Marsh told me in confidence that it doesn’t pay enough of itself. Luckily he has a sense of humour… and can consult.

But of course you’re all missing the point (as I said, but more politely). The reason to write a book for business is COMPLETELY different to just doing it for satisfaction, and that is… drum roll… to inspire, or to educate new people in your way of thinking, and draw them like bees to your business flowers.

So, if your business is “flower arranging” and you write a book on cash flow, don’t expect that to work for you.  But if you peg yourself as the floral designer who teaches simple techniques on video DVDs to Mums who want a beautiful new hobby, then that can work for you.

Yet if you have the:

  • Street cred – you’ve walked your talk and done this for years (or else have a new take)
  • Techniques simply explained… or knowledge simply explained
  • Confidence in what you do

Then why not consider making a product or creating a book that TEACHES your market exactly what you most want them to know.  At the end of the book (or chapter), you can divert them to a free download offer, or simply to your Survey or Opt-in Newsletter. This is to keep the relationship going.

Foot in the Door Technique

After all, if people ‘buy’ your small product, wouldn’t they be the best ones to keep in touch with and to sell your next ‘larger’ offers (or other books) to?  Rather than any person floating by your website or ad, these people have indicated they’re interested in your topic… so naturally many of these will respond.

Conversely if you intend on selling complex consulting or training to corporates, these people will only need to know that: a) you’ve done your groundwork and have a theory, and b) you have even put it in a book or course format. The mere fact that you are that far along the track is like a signal… in their busy minds they think, “here is the expert in this area (conflict resolution / hiring subcontractors, etc.) — let’s get him or her to present this topic to our staff, and see if we want to consult with them further”.

And if you’re already blog writing every fortnight, then it is not so much more work to add an introduction, conclusion, and structure  as a Book. That’s the topic of a Free Lunchtime Clinic: “Turning your Blog into a Book” on Tues 1 April at The Redcliffe Hive, Redcliffe Qld.

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