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Why this Program?

Are you tired of paltry Author Royalty notices for your books? 

Or perhaps you're a Podcaster looking to create a book and a lead funnel?

If you could wave a magic wand and have the perfect support and training program to guide you to take your current book or podcast content and make a course and online selling system, how would that feel?

The July-Sept Quarter Program is releasing very soon!

From Confused to Clear

Over the years, I've been listening to indie authors about their book royalty revenues... It is not pretty!

This Live + Online Learning program aims to take you from a mired or confused state to a clear way to sell your books and courses.


In the Live support, we'll go back to your book premise and hook. If that's not right, get Jen's ideas to do a book revision, title and category match, and align your NEW course with that. 


I've done all the LMS platform reviewing and come up with two efficient ways to create a course. 


There are 9 components in Book Funnel Flow, a video-based course. Taking you from confused to clear about your book marketing and online selling strategy. 


With most courses, you have no idea if you can finish. With this program, you get to learn, develop the ideas, finalise your book 'lead offer' page and create your course, all within 90 days.


Unique option: full copywriting support, so that your titles, sales blurbs, and landing pages can be super-engaging. Remember, copywriting is key to more sales.

8 Live GROUP Sessions

Join a live coaching session across 12 weeks and get just-in-time creative support and feedback. 

Sessions will be recorded and transcribed.

Course opening soon...

Book Funnel Flow program

Ever wanted to take your book or podcast and make it the first step in a great value funnel?  

Or in layman's terms, talk about a juicy carrot and at the end, a training program that aims to make 10x the royalties you currently receive, with a few key audience attraction tasks!


Of course, results depend on your time allocated, the quality and your commitment to building a list of prospects, as well as other variables external to us. 

Jennifer Lancaster

Author of marketing & money books.
Editor of 20+ books. Your trainer.

Business Author Academy

Past 'Book Creation Success' student feedback


"Some of the information, because it comes from lessons learned the hard way, is priceless".

Sally Kay

Fiction author


course review

"Exceeded my expectations in leaps and bounds".

Julie Martyn

New Author


"Suggestions re book covers, self-publishing, articles, and suggestions on how to approach other authors for review. Always encouraging, with lots of patience..."

Beverley Rillat-Richardson

New Author (Coaching and course)


'Book Creation Success' and the academy platform is a great tool for self-published authors who are just starting up or are struggling in certain aspects of their book writing and publishing journey - be it writing, production or book promotion.

Jennifer offers sound advice and guidance to most topics on the subject."

 Jason Rebello

Author, The Red Earth Diaries

A Glimpse Inside


Learn Bestseller Rules
  • Whether it's a book or a program, some research in special tools will increase your top-seller chances
  • Tutorial on book naming and course naming, a handy formula
  • Stop competing head-to-head and instead be the one who gets attention from the media, business buddies, and prospects.

2 lessons


Bring Your Problems
  • When having a related technical and how-to concern, you can get help by way of a share-screen tutorial
  • We have a system to make it easy step by step, with explanations and live calls.
  • Life may get in the way... if you want to pause the program, you can pick it back up in the next course intake. 

Screen Shares


Cheat Sheets and Software Tips
  • Get a cheat sheet on how to make an 'upsell' landing page after someone buys your book on your website?  
  • Want a sales checkout that takes payment for the book and then, with integration, emails out the next offer? Follow the cheat sheet. 
  • With Organic Social Media and Blogging, you are not taking on risks of advertising. (Advertising is an option to get more viewers.) 


30-minute funnel lesson

Coming soon...

Take one book, mix in support & training to make an online program, and make a revenue stream recipe!

What Makes This Different

It's designed for novice instructors. And since many ways to attract new students are included, there's no need to do a digital marketing course on top!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days


If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing training program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days of your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the issue fixed or give you a swift refund.

Frequently asked questions

How long till the course is open to purchase?

It will be open in June 2023, all going to plan. It will have a payment plan. 

I have a tech aversion. Will this program work for me?

Technical set-up of your course (up to 10 hours) will be included, however, you might rather choose a simple course hosting platform and not WordPress, to avoid the inevitable maintenance after the 90 days. WordPress, themes and ecommerce always need a guiding hand to be right. Hosted Wordpress adds another layer, with hosting issues to consider. We recommend website developer maintenance partners. 

What if my book isn't written yet?

Then we suggest either doing a course like Book Creation Success, to find out all about self-publishing and outlining. Or you can get our Writing Coaching support for writing your book, with audience targeting. You can always come back to this program later.

What if I cannot write copy for my landing pages?

There will be an add-on that gives support for copywriting of course blurbs and landing pages. Headline writing is part of this.