December 12, 2013

Self-Publishing News and Surveys Dec 2013

I’m doing a wrap-up of November/December publishing news and research pertinent to the Self-Publisher. Much of this helpful info (and more) will also be tweeted – so please do follow me on Twitter —>

Bowker Ranks SmashWords the #1 Producer of Indie Books

SmashWords publishes only self-published eBooks. You can see by this US-based 2013 report, the explosion in numbers of self-published titles since 2007.

How do Super-Successful Indie Authors Do It?

Don’t believe what Joanna says, the woman has sold like 85,000 books on Amazon and other outlets and has published titles about:  book marketing, career change, as well as bestselling fiction titles. Now London newspaper The Guardian has selected Joanna for running creative entrepreneur courses. Her commitment to excellence is obvious!

Book Cover Design Secrets

This blog posting covers what not to do on a self-published cover (crowding), as well as what traditional publishing houses do that makes the book cover image ‘pop’.

A Wrap-up of the Indie/Self-Publishing Industry over the last 5 Years

Joanna Penn has been at the forefront of this industry, and in changing her business model to offer something new, she looks back at the radical innovations of the past five years in publishing.

Become your own eBook Factory

If you’re tired of letting the large self-publishing houses have control and profits, then discover eBook Factory by Gutenberg Technology. It’s a SAAS (Cloud) platform that lets indie authors publish to multiple device types and platforms all at once.
This type of online system is really useful for joint collaborations, as multiple authors can log in and write, edit, or enrich the draft book with multimedia.

Let me know if there is any self-publishing news that I have missed, especially from Australia.

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