Find Out All About Writing a Book

APE book coverPerhaps you think you know how to start to write a book… just open a word processing program and then start typing up your thoughts and notes. You can always do the rest later, right?

Well, did you know that before you write any non-fiction book, you’d be best to create an Outline? And that Microsoft Word comes with an Outline tool? (An outline helps organise your thoughts into chapters and subheadings).  This is just one of the things that you learn when you read Guy Kawasaki’s 2012 book: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

While everything that Guy pronounces for authors is not the gospel, a lot of the advice in APE is going to be practical and useful in your journey to learning about writing and self-publishing for entrepreneurs.

I think a lot of problems in self-publishing crop up when authors have unrealistic expectations. Just because you’re keeping much more of the royalties than using a print publisher, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the formula just right and sell thousands!  And you need to keep your day job!  What I like is that Mr Kawasaki does not assume you have plenty to spend on this project, and includes tips for reducing your costs and even completely financing your book, including sponsorship. (A more in-depth book on the book sponsorship topic is Lisa Messenger’s “Maverick Marketing”).

For any success in publishing, you have to get off your bum and spread your message far and wide…

Promoting Your Book and Yourself

Some people think that they need to mimic traditional publisher activities, including a book launch they pay for.  Fancy launch parties are not even necessary, states Kawasaki, author of twelve books. The section on “How to Guerrilla Market your Book” uncovers more zero-dollar ways to promote your book than you’d ever believe (including how you come up with the title) – and this section is worth the $9.99 ebook price alone.

My favourite topic of creating an engaging personal brand is also covered, with three steps of advice that relate to identifying and expanding on your niche expertise.

Kawasaki also has a novice’s overview of social media services to use, and how to use them.

So, overall, if you’re seeking a worldwide audience for a book you’re writing, consider buying ‘APE: Author Publisher Entrepreneur (How to Publish a Book)(bookstore links). Most of the suppliers and references are American, so you may not decide to use them, but I will try to help you source an Australian supplier.

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