Smart Marketing for Indie Authors Review

Smart Marketing for Indie Authors: My Review

Mike Kowis is mostly like us: an Indie Author who put heart, soul and $5,000 into his first book, one of a few. That number was just the marketing part, by the way. The reason I liked ‘Smart Marketing for Indie Authors‘ is because he goes through each marketing tactic with pros and cons, a rating from his experience, insider tips and supreme attention to detail. His honesty level is admirable in the chapter “What not to do”, all of which are going to save you time and cash, as…
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money guide earning under $60000 a year

My Money Guide for those Earning $60,000 Annually

The money guide for those on $60,000 a year, give or take $15,000 This kicks off my idea for a series of articles designed to get you thinking about your money and your path to freedom, based on your annual income. Now, freedom to you might mean retirement in 10 years’ time. Or freedom might mean being able to do a business from home part-time but have ample income. Or it might mean something else. Even at AU $60,000 a year, you and your partner can make an impact on…
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Finalist for award in online education

Business Author Academy named as a finalist for National Awards

Jennifer Lancaster of Business Author Academy has been named as a finalist for the AusMumpreneur Awards in the Online Education category. The AusMumpreneur Awards, presented by The Women’s Business School, celebrate Australian mums in business who are achieving outstanding success in various areas, like business excellence and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognise the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family. From relative obscurity, Jennifer Lancaster has gradually become an Australian leader in self-publishing. Enthusiastic about…
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author video marketing

Why Do Content Marketing?

When you consider the overall picture: the opportunities, challenges, some barriers to success in your market, then you can begin to see how regular content marketing will help your publishing brand get a foothold in the market.  Firstly, understand what main facets make some marketing pieces rock. CopyBlogger, in ‘Effective Content Promotion’ guide, said that good, share-worthy content is:  ·       Useful (it solves an audience problem)  ·       Interesting (it’s framed in a way that catches attention)  ·       Audience-friendly (it has an interesting headline and it’s formatted to be readable)  ·      …
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Hybrid publishing report UK

Is Hybrid Publishing Profiteering? See what a UK report says

The Writers Guild of Great Britain and ASA recently surveyed 204 UK writers who were independently published. Findings made for sober reading. For instance, 59% of authors were not satisfied that their paid hybrid publisher did enough to get sales or interest in their book.  And monetary losses were heavy; 94% of authors surveyed lost money on hybrid / paid for publishing contracts. (Around half of respondents chose this publishing type). There was a median loss of £1841 each, although there was a broad range. It would be extremely interesting to…
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person holding orange pen

News in Publishing and Book Writing

I found an interesting website for writers looking to publish with a true publisher or go in literary competitions, one that will save you ‘bags of time’. It is called DuoTrope and is free to join, with small tips for submitting to the publishers. I recommend it because the listings are all updated; they’re sifting through the wheat and chaff for you. Their book submission manager helps authors keep track of submissions, and that’s called Duosuma. When I was doing the Rabbit Hole Challenge writing day, I made a donation…
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Author-First marketing

Author-First Book Marketing: First 4 Tips

Having a foundation in online book marketing makes a difference to any author’s ability to succeed in the market. With an Author-first approach, it’s making sure you and your brand goes out into the world. Many of you will have a coaching, consulting or a particular business in the background and with this approach, it’s going to have the most effect. The first three times I published, I had zero brand and no real connection to ‘me’.  The next time I published, I went hard on research and achieved some…
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