Author-First marketing

Author-First Book Marketing: First 4 Tips

Having a foundation in online book marketing makes a difference to any author’s ability to succeed in the market. With an Author-first approach, it’s making sure you and your brand goes out into the world. Many of you will have a coaching, consulting or a particular business in the background and with this approach, it’s going to have the most effect. The first three times I published, I had zero brand and no real connection to ‘me’.  The next time I published, I went hard on research and achieved some…
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hire a content writer blog

Why Hire a Content Writer / Contractor

What benefits come from using a website content writer? Some of the benefits of hiring a content writer for your blog or pages include: Increased visibility for your website in more searches – increased Search Engine rankings Building a reputable brand with its eye on the community, not just on own interests Knowing where your visitors come from, and if they stay to look around Good marketing results come from prolonged, consistent action: we never give up Professional writing can enhance your online reputation What does a paid content writer…
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measure website visitors

How to Make a WordPress Website Measure Visitors

WordPress has now become the most popular self-hosted CMS, beating out Drupal, Expression Engine and Blogger.  (A CMS is a Content Management System). Here, we’ll discuss how to log in once to WordPress and measure website visitors, quickly and easily. Along with bloggers, millions of small business people have gotten a WordPress website customised and then scratched their head. They ask: “how do I use a website to measure visitors and understand all the metrics?” Install an Analytics Dashboard to Measure Website Visitors As a business owner or consultant, you’re…
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lead magnets prospect list building

Build a Prospect List with Lead Magnets and Other Content

Are you aware that almost 90% of your real website traffic likely wants something similar to what you offer, but after visiting your site, goes away, unconvinced?  Would you like to know how to make a simple offering (a ‘lead magnet’) and get people jumping onto your email list? Not only that, how about keeping them happy and marketing to them in future?  Sound good? Marketing takes a lot of time to build relationships and trust. Sometimes we find ourselves without that time or we just cannot talk to everyone…
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lead generation system for coaches
Book Marketing
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Creating a Guide for New Clients/Prospects

For those growing their business through content, we mainly think of how writing a book can help us reach readers outside of our network. But what about helping clients and those considering our services? Creating a guide for prospective clients is great for that. Say you sell and customise a software suite that is useful for so many aspects of business — but the competitor marketplace is waffling on about complex features and functions. You can write or compile a guide that helps the business manager understand why the use of certain…
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