fear and money traps

What does your Financial Life hold for 2020?

We made a fun 1-minute video to interest you in my new book, Creative Ways with Money, launching: eBook – via Draft2Digital on 27 JANUARY. $4.99 only that week. Paperback – all retailers on 7 FEBRUARY. $23.99 Book Trailer Template (copy) on Biteable. What’s Hiding in Creative Ways with Money–the Book? Everyone can create their own goals unhindered by Government rules. I believe the key to financial independence is down to doing several basic things: 1. Start a budget and monitor your spending 2. Create new income streams from easy-to-look-after…
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rich retirement

Want a rich retirement? You need creative money ideas!

There’s nothing that makes me madder than some journalist rabbiting on about sacrificing lots of salary into superannuation. Well, that is all very well if, a) you are employed; b) your employer is amenable to that; and c) you make enough money that you could easily miss 5 or 10 percent of it. But what about all of us in business? What about those retiring now? I don’t expect that people earning $120,000+ per year are going to be that interested in my 2020 book, Creative Ways with Money, and…
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My Financial Life in Books

Oh, what have I done to deserve this wretched financial life statement?  This five-digit retirement fund? Did I not start and run a freelance business, had this book, How to Start and Run a Freelance Business, that served clients well with persuasive copy? ‘Planning is the secret to success’, you say?  Well, that is my middle name. So faithfully I planned, set goals, budgeted, paid myself first, sought education and read up on Money. Just in case it found me one day. Alas, you have to go seek it. So…
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