Author-First marketing

Author-First Book Marketing: First 4 Tips

Having a foundation in online book marketing makes a difference to any author’s ability to succeed in the market. With an Author-first approach, it’s making sure you and your brand goes out into the world. Many of you will have a coaching, consulting or a particular business in the background and with this approach, it’s going to have the most effect. The first three times I published, I had zero brand and no real connection to ‘me’.  The next time I published, I went hard on research and achieved some…
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earn money with ebooks

Earn Money in Two Ways with eBooks

You can earn money through being an affiliate at the digital eBook aggregator stores and also from selling ebooks. You’ll find the best deals don’t always go through Amazon and I’m told Australians purchase 30% of their eBooks via Apple iBooks or other smaller online stores! Two large eBook aggregators are Draft2Digital and Smashwords. There is also Lulu. _____ Example of Draft2Digital Page Creative Ways with Money eBook https://books2read.com/u/3JVrzB It Pays to Partner!  I found that Draft2Digital is a little easier to get a Word file or an ePub through…
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book attention and publicity

Use your Talents to get Book Attention

You have talents, no doubt. There’s no point in struggling away with the wrong media type when you can use your talent to attract a new, relevant audience for an upcoming book, otherwise known as Book Publicity. If your skill is a visual one especially, perhaps you have clear and large book pictures, then you’ll love this new partnering idea. Not only relevant to securing partnerships, you may use your innate talents to get publicity by: talking about your subject (podcast guest)writing short how-to pieces (guest blog, articles in magazines)making…
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Balance book - Author interview

Life’s Now an Adventure: Book Launch Interview

This is an author interview with Leanne Blaney of Adventure School. What tactics did you use to attract people to your book and listing? Many people have connected on my Podcast, Ignite your Life, so many of the guests were happy to help. I also have a big network of coaches and people I’ve networked with. I did an Amazon Kindle campaign – over a 2-day period, I sent many emails and messages to gather support. The book was not discounted, it was priced at AU$11.99. With the aid of…
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book promotion tools for self-published authors

Easy, Modern Book Promotion Tools

Lately I’ve been running into some amateur (yet very talented) self-published writers with little knowledge of book marketing. One serial self-publisher, an obvious talent, claimed that he was “hopeless” at marketing. No more!  Here’s the low-down on easy book promotion tools for self-publishers on a shoestring book promotion budget. Now, can we all agree we are living in an image-conscious world?  Good, then follow along. Instagram Not so Daunting Any type of author should set up a ‘business’ Instagram account rather than a personal one, so it lets you have…
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Interview with startup manual author

Author Interview: Donatas Jonikas Talks about Marketing his Book

Recently Jennifer interviewed Dr. Donatas Jonikas, Lithuanian author of Startup Evolution Curve, about his new book that scored many natural 5-star reviews on Amazon. You'll find many 'secrets to book success' within. Q. I noticed you give away 100 pages of the book, plus 20 templates based on the book. Did this move seem to lead to more book sales and interest? I did this at the very beginning, so I don’t have firm data about sales before sharing the excerpt and the set of templates. I can’t prove whether it…
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Five Ways to Make Better Book Profits

Here we are all for better book profits for non-fiction authors, with fewer costs; that’s what it’s all about, really.  So first we’ll knock off some easy wins and then move onto advanced methods. 1. Keep your Book Production Costs Low My first tip for better book profits is keeping production costs low in the first place. This may mean using a Book Design template and learning styles in Adobe InDesign*, or simply keeping production costs to a minimum by getting three editing quotes from editors with testimonials. The other way…
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why create an author blog

Why Create an Author Blog?

There are so many claims on your time as an author, including marketing, speaking, possibly organising book production, and researching future books. So why would you commit to running an author blog as well? Many writers, including those writers at Blog Chicks, share their daily joys and trials freely in their blog, as well as engage with their book readers. But for us authorpreneurs, we want to give great value and attract really specific readers to our message. The message behind your books is important; it goes beyond just one book at one time.…
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self publishing industry

All that Glitters is Not Gold… in the Self-Publishing Industry

Just like in 1851, when the Australian gold rush began, authors in the past decade have been rushing out to self-publish on Amazon and ibooks and cash in on “the rivers of gold”. Except today, the people getting rich are more likely to be those providing the tools, extended self-publisher services like: videos and websites, formatting, author club memberships, review services, and advertising for books. In other words, the book marketing services industry. Meanwhile a third of published authors make less than $500 from their writing, says Digital Book World/Writers Digest.…
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book planning

What’s in a Book Business Plan?

As an Aquarian, planning months ahead is just so… Virgo.  Alas, authors need to plan our book’s content, production, pre-promotion, publication details and post-launch promotion. We do this so that our project is reasonably successful… and to get ROI. So what’s in a Book Plan? For many authors who are a little further on in their journey, they will create this Book Business Plan for the publisher as part of the submission process. It certainly proves you’re serious. The basic parts of your Book Business Plan are: Summary (book pitch, hot selling…
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