making personal brand plain english

Making a Personal Brand, in Plain English

Of late I have been navel-gazing, I mean, assessing my values and brand. I’ve also been doing a content marketing course, which prompted me to gain further understanding about what information nonfiction authors look for. And I realised that there is no such thing as a typical author. There are many reasons to write a book and just as many reasons to build a personal brand. This branding and values exercises is valuable. It had me thinking about things like:  how does our personal brand portray us? How can you…
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earn money with ebooks

Earn Money in Two Ways with eBooks

You can earn money through being an affiliate at the digital eBook aggregator stores and also from selling ebooks. You’ll find the best deals don’t always go through Amazon and I’m told Australians purchase 30% of their eBooks via Apple iBooks or other smaller online stores! Two large eBook aggregators are Draft2Digital and Smashwords. There is also Lulu. _____ Example of Draft2Digital Page Creative Ways with Money eBook https://books2read.com/u/3JVrzB It Pays to Partner!  I found that Draft2Digital is a little easier to get a Word file or an ePub through…
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behind the book author interview

Behind the Book ‘Ignite Your Power’

This is an Author Interview with Eve Dyer, the author of Ignite your Power, a high-quality, full length book launched in 2019. What was your overall goal of writing your book, Ignite Your Power? To help people, like the clients I’ve seen in my psychology practice, to stand up to hurtful and manipulative treatment. Most thought that by being kind and loving, their partner, friend or parent would listen. But of course they didn’t. I wanted them to know how to use power assertively, not aggressively. How they could resolve…
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author marketing help

Finally Getting Help with Author Marketing

Talking to authors of late, many whom have a lot to offer the world, I noticed there is still the fear of putting themselves in the spotlight. Folks, you don’t have to do what doesn’t feel right for you when it comes to author marketing (sometimes called ‘being an influencer’). Some authors are great at interviewing, so podcasting/guest podcasting becomes their thing. (Podcasting also has an extremely good take-up rate of regular listeners buying). Have a look at (Facebook group) We are Podcast by Ronzley Vaz. Some jovial guys and…
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Marketing tips for authors

Marketing Tips for the Unbranded Author

So, you’ve got yourself a visibility problem. Rather than throw a huge list of author marketing tips at you without a well-crafted strategy, I’d like you to do few planning steps. I call it the Who, Where, What and Why. Then I’ve got some simple marketing advice below it. WHO Every marketing plan starts with the group (or segments—fancy marketing jargon) of people you want to reach. There are all different things to consider, e.g.: Demographics – M/F, age, income, stage of life Psychographics – what they have in common…
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Author Assist Packages Comparison Review

Author Assist Packages Comparison

If you’re part-way into writing your book, it’s time to think about who is going to help put together your book and administrate it. This is a giant step but is often left to emotion and chance.  So read our Author Assistance Package comparison review (2 Australian companies, 1 US company). Check down the bottom for the DIY + freelancers option. Most author assistance packages leave out the most important service—editing (and writing support). Book publicity and launch planning is usually either an add-on or ‘find your way in the…
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Write copy - copywriting tips

Learning to write copy without the cringe factor

You may be an author, a blogger, or a copywriter, whichever, we all need to learn to write copy that doesn’t make a reader wince with distaste and that’s persuasive. It doesn’t just apply to book blurbs, but on the book sales page, it becomes super-important to write for the reader. One type of poorly-written copy that will kill a book’s chances is a rambling, self-focussed blurb about why the author felt the need to write the book. I know that the CEO just wrote a 400-page super book and has…
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why create an author blog

Why Create an Author Blog?

There are so many claims on your time as an author, including marketing, speaking, possibly organising book production, and researching future books. So why would you commit to running an author blog as well? Many writers, including those writers at Blog Chicks, share their daily joys and trials freely in their blog, as well as engage with their book readers. But for us authorpreneurs, we want to give great value and attract really specific readers to our message. The message behind your books is important; it goes beyond just one book at one time.…
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Authors: Create a Mobile Website

How many of you think it’s really hard to create a mobile version of your website…? Wouldn’t it be hard to get your book to feature prominently when people come and search on a mobile phone, tablet or other device? Not anymore, thanks to a site I found which does all the heavy lifting (or in this case, hard coding) for you. At Duda Mobile, you can choose from a new responsive site or just make yours more responsive with a mobile site. You can use the free version and…
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