Getting Your Book Marketing Ducks All in a Row

Every professional wants to know how they can make their book a success, without going crazy with overload! Here are some ideas for book marketing by leveraging what you are doing:

  • Update your website with a bookstore that comes with buy links to Amazon, Goodreads, and print publisher site. Try the plugin: MyBookTable for WordPress.
  • Considering an author website for the first time?  Then ensure it’s designed for authors with colourful images of your book, clear selling points, a media page with photos, and your Bio. Also use a SEO plugin.
  • Create bookmarks with the book URL so that you can hand them out at launch, also later on.
  • Advance Distribution.  If preparing a while beforehand, contact Dennis Jones & Associates to find out if they can distribute it or handle the eBook version. (Must be able to order 500+ print run for physical distribution). You will likely need a book mockup or proof for them.
  • Connect to your blogger friends or reach out to new ones, for a virtual book guest tour. Don’t overlook your LinkedIn first connections.
  • Email your current marketing list with the description and offer a discount (good for pre-orders too).
  • Speak out. Plan more speaking engagements that centre on your book’s theme, or else just have the print books available at guest speaking events.
  • Write articles for women’s networks, niche or online magazines like Family CapersSamara magazine, Womens Business Network, LinkedIn pulse, Small Business Trends, etc.
  • Once eBook is listed on Smashwords or Amazon, you can access affiliates who sell your book. Try to interest more by having an affiliate link at the bottom of your website / emails.
  • How are bookstores going to know about your POD book?  You can pay $250+ to be listed in Bookseller+Publisher mag or newsletter. Member of QWC? A Queensland Books liftout in WQ magazine offers really affordable advertising, from $40.
  • Also look at other places like Good Reading magazine for review/advertising. It has a libraries, schools and book club focus. What about contacting other book clubs?
  • Libraries: Don’t overlook this easy source of sales. The library suppliers ALS Lib, Peter Pal (NSW), James Bennett (Queensland), are major suppliers to Australian libraries.

We hope your book marketing efforts go well. If you feel out of your depth, why not try marketing coaching or our Marketing book.

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