Struggling with Your Website and Marketing…?

Jennifer Lancaster can deliver marketing training (Redcliffe Peninsula) in order to set up low-cost content marketing. All optimised for business goals.

Marketers who plan their projects and campaigns are 356% more likely to succeed*

— CoSchedule, 2019


  • Greater knowledge of each intended website platform and learn what SEO really is!
  • Get clear on what marketing to do for your business / publishing house
  • Targeted Content Marketing means you’ll know how to attract and nurture the right clients, searching for you.
  • Planning your posts ahead of time will ensure you never scramble for content.


Personal guidance with email marketing use and application of a lead offer

What words to use in headings, subheads, images, alt tags

How to look for keywords – plus a guide on how to do more of this later

Know that you’re talking to your target audience, not a homogenous mass!

Know how to make a Content Calendar and a simple start

What others say…


Get your Content Guidelines document with session 1

Get a free Niche Marketing and Book guide (print) with session 2

Ask for your 25% discount to Book Creation Success Club (for new book authors)… for all clients

Investment in Your Education

Business Author Academy/Power of Words charges in AUD and does not charge the GST. ABN 80 544 508 158 – registered in Queensland.

Local Redcliffe (4020) 1-hour training session:  $130

Anywhere Share-Screen, 1-hour training session + notes/plan: $125

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We love small business and our clients are:

  • Book authors
  • Therapists looking for website help
  • Small business operators
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