creative ways money flow

How will Creative Ways help my Money Flow?

Over the past year, I’ve been busy knitting together creativity with money (conceptually, not literally), and looking at what would increase our money flow. It’s more about what stops it and what blocks your creative thinking, than anything else. When we think of money and finance, we often get all crazy. Fear of not having enough, fear of investment losses, fear of missing out, and confusion over the array of investing choices seems to block our minds from truly thinking outside the money box. I’m concerned that many are blissfully unaware of…
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Setting Goals for authors

Setting Goals: Are you Doing it the Right Way?

If you take the step of setting a big goal that excites you, you’ll at least be putting it into your vision. But some stab at a goal without really considering all the factors. Are they aiming correctly? In 2003, I had two goals:  meet a man and write a book. I had a list of desired attributes and my write a book goal was written on a piece of paper, taped to the wall. Since dating and this blog have little in common, let’s quickly move to the book…
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My Financial Life in Books

Oh, what have I done to deserve this wretched financial life statement?  This five-digit retirement fund? Did I not start and run a freelance business, had this book, How to Start and Run a Freelance Business, that served clients well with persuasive copy? ‘Planning is the secret to success’, you say?  Well, that is my middle name. So faithfully I planned, set goals, budgeted, paid myself first, sought education and read up on Money. Just in case it found me one day. Alas, you have to go seek it. So…
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Family Finances Not a Cause for Fury

When I think about my family finances, I do not get caught up in the emotional traps that others seem to. Perhaps because I believe that managing money has, at its base, simple accounting and mathematic principles. If you can understand what the words “income” and “expenses” mean, then you can probably manage a budget, if you don’t let emotions get the best of you. Some simply look at their income and unwittingly imagine that their entire salary is theirs to spend. Unfortunately, only a part of your gross salary…
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