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Joyful Eating Tansy

Joyful Eating

Joyful Eating is a self-help book that helps someone give up the dieting mindset. It details principles and contains exercises and tables. Tansy wanted editing help to get a more casual tone, reduce excess verbiage and reduce word repetition. To make it sound more confident, I took out many cases of ‘or’ (but only where it was ‘over-writing’).  I also advised Tansy about an ideal length for the book and she did a lot of work to get the book down in word numbers. She agreed to make it as…
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Poetic Gems cover
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A Collection of Poetic Gems

This Collection of Poetic Gems is centred on places, sporting events, people and animals that are important to this patriotic poet/songwriter. Written in an ‘imagery’ style, many of these odes started life as a song. Typing and typesetting, administration, proofreading, and uploading artwork to IngramSpark. Project Detail Client: Valerie Dawson, in her ’90s Date: Dec 2019 Category: Client Books View at AmazonOther Projects
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Two Rivers Run book cover
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Two Rivers Run

Two Rivers Run is the tale of the first European to settle in Gippsland, Samuel Anderson, along with his partner Robert Massie.  The author brings together for the first time inspiring stories of resolute, hard-working, and courageous Scottish pioneer-settlers. People who saw the potential of Western Port when most others chose Port Phillip. Large format, 185 pages. Being the editor and project advisor for this diverse and full colour history book, our support entailed editing the blurb, 2 rounds of line editing, proofreading, title feedback, finalising the bibliography, and referrals…
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Ignite book cover

Ignite Your Power book

Project Description Careful line editing and proofreading of this self-help book to ensure empathy with the reader. 97,000 words. Advice and blurb/bio refining. Project Detail Client: Eve Dyer Date: October 2019 Category: Client Books Buy Book: Amazon page Other Projects
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environment policy book cover
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Succeeding and Failing in Australian Environment Policy

Succeeding and Failing in Australian Environment Policy is an in-depth look at how the Australian federal government’s environment policies have actually come about. Our role: Typesetting and cover art, plus support for IngramSpark PDF requirements. Project Detail Client: Stephen Saunders Date:  2018 Category: Client Books Amazon book page: https://www.amazon.com.au/Succeeding-Failing-Australian-Environment-Policy/dp/0646982346 Only $7.15 to buy! Other Projects
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Executive Resilience

Executive Resilience book

Project Description Copy editing of 65,000-word book on resilience in the workplace. Included some self-publishing advice as well. Project Detail Client: Jurie Date: November 2017 Category: Client Books See the book page: Amazon page We really enjoy editing psychology books like this one and Ignite Your Power. Instead of simply copy editing the manuscript, we also make sure there is a good flow and a connection to the reader. Seeing to the consistency in written voice, connection to reader, logical progression, and chapter titling forms part of the first round of a comprehensive…
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Take a simple drive to a healthier life book

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life book

With over 25 years of experience in family medical practice, Dr. Roger Smith has seen many telling examples of, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”.  Just as you need to provide sufficient care for your car to keep it running well, your own personal vehicle (your body) is no different. If you neglect to service your car or ignore warning signs of trouble, you risk a major breakdown.  Neglecting your car may be expensive, but at least it’s replaceable. Unlike your body – where it’s not so…
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Selling is Like S#x book

Project Description Copy Editing, suggestions, and moral support. Project Detail Client: Fred van Urk Date: June 2017 Category: Client Books See the book page: www.SecretsofSelling.com.au/ebook I have been working on my book on and off for a couple of years now. It’s approx. 30,000 words of brain download of my tricks and techniques of selling. During this time I had been working with Jennifer to help me edit my thoughts. It was a much larger undertaking than I originally anticipated but I am thankful that I had Jennifer by my side. Her continued…
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Prenatal Yoga Handbook

Project Description Copy editing, complex typesetting in InDesign, and self-publishing coaching. Project Detail Client: Gabrielle, Birth in Awareness (www.birthinawareness.com) Date: Feb-April 2017 Category: Client Books See the book page: TBA Other Projects
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Creating Healthy Life Habits ebook

Project Description Copy editing of ebook. Re-writing of biography. Project Detail Client: Mandy Napier Date: 2014 Category: Client Books See the book page: powerofwords.com.au/creating-healthy-life-habits [us_testimonial author=”Mandy Napier, BSC” company=”Author, Creating Healthy Life Habits” img=”4957″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mindsetforsuccess.com.au%2Fabout-mandy%2F||”]Jennifer Lancaster edited my book, “Creating Healthy Life Habits.” I was very impressed with both Jennifer’s efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. Jennifer made recommendations to the text, making suggestions to change sentences or the order of words, so that it read better, and also picked up some minor but very important grammatical and punctuation errors. I was very…
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