Succeeding and Failing in Australian Environment Policy

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Testimonial 88 Stephen and Kathleen

“We highly recommend the services of Jennifer Lancaster of Power of Words. She offers value for money and excellent design and technical support.
We needed a fairly technical environment policy manuscript finessed into contents-and-cover files suitable for upload to print-on-demand. Through the many iterations of this task, we found Jennifer to be highly responsive and professional.
With Jennifer as our colleague, we got a great design at a reasonable price, assistance was on hand for the upload, and we were pleased with the crisp appearance of the resulting print title. Thank you, Jennifer.”

— Stephen Saunders & Kathleen Mackie

Succeeding and Failing in Australian Environment Policy is an in-depth look at how the Australian federal government’s environment policies have actually come about.

Our role: Typesetting and cover art, plus support for IngramSpark PDF requirements.

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