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ebook creating healthy habits

Project Description

Copy editing of ebook. Re-writing of biography.

Project Detail

[us_testimonial author=”Mandy Napier, BSC” company=”Author, Creating Healthy Life Habits” img=”4957″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mindsetforsuccess.com.au%2Fabout-mandy%2F||”]Jennifer Lancaster edited my book, “Creating Healthy Life Habits.” I was very impressed with both Jennifer’s efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. Jennifer made recommendations to the text, making suggestions to change sentences or the order of words, so that it read better, and also picked up some minor but very important grammatical and punctuation errors. I was very happy with her suggestions and the work she did.
I would have no hesitation in using her again, and can highly recommend her services.[/us_testimonial]

Other Projects

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