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Article Writing

Freelance Articles – 2010 to 2020 How to generate powerful referrals easily Brainleaf Blog. Published in 2017. When I was in freelance copywriting, every referral was a ray of hope – the best kind of lead I could ever have. I always thanked each referrer with my book or a notecard. So, besides our undying gratitude, how do we help along that process… without seeming pushy? Creating a solid freelance business takes time, but one of the most economical and quick ways is to encourage word-of-mouth business. Sometimes, when networking…
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Finance article writing example

Published Article: 4 Stages of Financial Life

Four Stages of Your Financial Life – Article Description: The editor wanted to showcase the different keys to financial success, so I thought it helpful to talk about the four stages of your financial life. People focus on different aspects of wealth building or house downsizing at different stages.  Published in Designs4Life on the Peninsula (free magazine) July 2015 See D4L – The Four Stages of Your Financial Life.
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