Frustrated by technical details of self-publishing?  In a hurry?  Then find out about our book publishing services for those in Australia.

Publishing Services for the self-employed writer (non-fiction):

Self-Publishing Coaching for novice authors includes:

  • How to publish (IngramSpark or Amazon or Blurb)
  • How to make an ebook (cheaply)
  • Where to get an ISBN / what to say
  • Uploading titles to Print-on-Demand correctly
  • How to claim the US tax exemption (5% withholding tax only)
  • Library suppliers information – will get you minimum sales
  • Copyright/quoting info – keep your book legal
  • Niche book marketing info
  • Amazon listing versus selling your own Book

We also review manuscripts for the level of editing that they require and marketability. (The $120 fee is then refunded if you choose our editing). Place your book with an experienced Editor, who has 15 years of writing and editing experience and University qualifications in communications.

Can I choose my Print-on-Demand host?  Yes, you can choose to use any POD and keep your Royalties (A list of true POD suppliers are here). Our coaching helps with services to get your book on the road.

Note:   Each version of the book needs its own ISBN (international standard book number), e.g. paperback, hardback, ePub. You can choose to let Amazon give you an ISBN for Kindle only ebooks, and save there.
Copy editing of non-fiction
4 centsper word
  • Copy editing is a thorough editing for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation. Our editing packs a punch, with subtitle / sub-heading suggestions, paragraph flow suggestions, less repetition, and consistent voice.
  • Please note the editor may recommend this level after seeing the manuscript.
Writing Coaching for Self-Publishers
  • * Developing your singular theme. This is crucial when promoting your book to a niche audience.
  • * Review your outline and match it with your target market.
  • * Keeping your written voice consistent.
  • * Finding references useful for the reader and not a copyright headache.
  • * Learning the parts of a book that must be managed, e.g. foreword or preface, about the author, endorsements.
  • * Planning the Launch. Writing a book blurb and author bio.
  • * Learn how to self-edit, so your words resound with gravity.
  • * Outside-the-box ideas for book distribution
  • * Keeping you on track towards the deadline, which we set at the start.
Power of Words (ABN 80 544 508 158) is not registered for GST. Rates are valid as at January 2017, and hourly rates are subject to change. We usually accept a 33 or 50% deposit to start (invoiced).

Mentoring Packages are inclusive of either emails or phone calls and do not include (unless quoting directly) an onsite meeting. Further mentoring over allotted time is billed at $70 per hour, to be agreed in advance.

We do not have arrangements with any Assisted Publishers, nor any printers, so you can get some unbiased advice. Yes we have published other writers’ work before but are no longer doing this. Referral of book cover enquiries go to a good freelance designer.