Today I’m going to tell you about a proven content marketing system to generate leads and warm them up for your coaching or consulting business.

  1. Write Fast and Write a Book

The first step is to learn to write fast. The best way to do this is to write structured blog posts and articles for magazines, either online or print. If you can’t get a guest post easily, then write in LinkedIn Pulse. (Always keep a copy on your own drive).

Writing Tips.  Always research your facts and note references, never plagiarise, and always check that your quotes are either in popular use from being such a legend or are able to be granted permission. There is a Copyright Clearance centre website for this.

Next, writing coaching will help you to write your own book, containing your system. It may also contain case studies, your own personal struggle and inspiring anecdotes interweaved with insider business and mindset tips.

With the help of a coach and a timeline, you could make a target of 35,000 to 50,000 words within three months. After self-editing, you’ll need a structural editor to spot the flaws in structure and flow.

Combining writing coaching and structural editing is more powerful and less expensive for you, so I offer that for personal clients on a book writing mission.

  1. Launch Plan

While you’re working on this book, you’ll also need to create a promotional launch plan. Without it, usually, your book will not have the depth of views and reviews that it needs. However, if you are using your book daily in your business system, then this will have less importance.

A book can also be a learning guide for your clients or direct prospects. Such as “Birth in Awareness”, which is also a manual on prenatal information for yoga teachers.

  1. Offer Corporate Clients an Awesome Intro Kit

There is no point in hiding your light and just offering a free presentation to people one at a time, when you could be opening up your consulting to many relevant high-level executives at once.

‘Awesome kits’ can be manufactured in bulk, but due to costs, you don’t want to offer it to everybody. So deliver the prospective client a stand-out box or pack, containing:

  • Colour copies of magazine articles you’ve written OR
  • Your finished, flawless book
  • A letter of introduction
  • A handy reference sheet of speaking topics or services you provide
  • Optional: A USB drive containing the first 5-10 minutes of a talk you have done and some free templates you’re happy to give.
  • Optional: A promotional pen or notepad.

Get everything manufactured to a high standard so that it makes it look professional.
Power of Words can help you with managing the book printing process.


  1. Have an Automated Marketing System to Warm up Leads

build a prospect list lead magnetThe ideal is to have a partly automated marketing system. You want to build up an email list of your target ideal people (suspects) and have this working without you. This you can do with a ‘bait offer’ and a subscription form/conversion system on your website. (Moving in or pop up ones work best).

A bait offer is a report, ebook, booklet, DVD, or audio you can easily deliver that interests clients in how much money they are going to make or save from your system.

Importantly, you’ll want to use your marketing touch-points to grab the actual enquiries and put these into your CRM (database) – all while making that initial call. When the call fails to reach the decision-maker or is not going anywhere, do you give up?

No! Once you know they’re not spam, you’ll put their name into an automated email marketing system for your monthly news and event or book offers. An email invitation with the subscription form link goes out to new people, and if they accept, then they are correctly  opted in according to the spam laws. Any other way just sets you up for spam complaints. (You can even get a web script that talks to your database and inserts the new contact as a lead for follow-up).

Every time you advertise, you’ll send the people to a benefit-driven sales page with a headline (or if you haven’t set one up yet, the corresponding service page). BUT, this page must also capture people who are not ready right now or “just wondering and not yet trusting”, and you can do this with an Opt-in Conversion System. This system may collect just 3% of web visitors’ email addresses, however, there is a hack to get more interested patrons than this.

These are people who would have wandered away, still wondering, but still interested in the outcome they sought.

Well, you wanted a Lead Generation System that works for business coaches, consultants, trainers, sales coaches, and marketing gurus… and here is one. Now, I challenge you to actually set up and use this system to triple the number of warm leads coming into your business.

Here’s Proof!

Here are examples of those who have used a similar system to capture new clients and build trust.

  • Nhan Nguyen (property mentor) – book “From Broke to Billionaire” (I provided editing/publishing support)
  • Tony Lee – accountants – lead report: 5 Secrets to Slash Your Tax Bill and Create Wealth (I wrote the report)
  • Fred van Urk – sales coach– paperback: Selling is Like Sex  (I edited)

Every one of these people is benefiting from a system to up-sell some of their readers into new clients.

Curious? If you can write, then…

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