I know… you want great stuff, for free! So here it is, the self-publishers marketing arsenal.

Truth about Self-Publishing Books (for Business) booklet and the Niche Marketing e-course

and our FAQs page also has the free Self-Publishing Process Guide

Lead Generation and Content Marketing

How to Create an Authority Building Lead Gen System – just a free page all about it.

Paid course Marketing for Influencers

Branding through Content Marketing

Turn Cold Website Leads into New Customers – a short PDF report

How-to Articles for Marketing Yourself

Start your own Author Blog – plus free e-course offered at bottom of page

The Three Principles of Marketing that Work!

How Guest Posting Helps You to Market your Books



Learn Niche Marketing


Enjoy this revealing 5-part email series:

  • understand how to niche and why to define a niche
  • the four kinds of leverage
  • how to use keywords in book titles
  • optimising headings in your blog
  • learn how top authors build the foundation of their platform
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