You want great stuff, for free! So here it is, the self-publishers marketing arsenal.

My FAQs page has the free Self-Publishing Process Guide  (NO SIGNUP)

Lead Generation for Business

How to Create an Authority Building Lead Gen System – just a free page all about it.

How-to Articles/Videos for Marketing Yourself

How to Build an Email List – video by Emeka Ossai.

How to Build a Street Team (ARC Team) – video by Emeka Ossai.

Start your own Author Blog (internal page)

How Guest Posting Helps You to Market your Books (internal)

Top 5 Ways Authors can Market Books using AMAZON (from February Media)

Making the Perfect Opt-in (from Book Marketing Tools)

Our own Business Author Academy offers 15 Ways to Publicise your Book. Just enter your details in the Pop-up.

Book Cover Templates

Canva has an extensive library of book cover templates which you may find useful:

A US$150 print book cover designer is Heather at Art & Design Studios.