Publishing and Writing Courses in Moreton Bay

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Writers Group Convention meets at Northgate (northern Brisbane) on Sunday, 30 October 2022. Tickets are $20 and include tea and refreshments, a talk on editing, author talks, and chats with authors. You never know what you might learn.

Non-fiction Writers’ Progressive Workshop: January 2023

It is sometimes hard to get past the idea stage and table of contents plan.

Would you like to increase your book writing knowledge, right here in Moreton Bay?

In January 2023, Jennifer Lancaster will lead a small group of non-fiction authors (topics) towards the progression of their ‘great work’. A great work is where you put a lot of research, professional experience, and literary prowess into play.

Having written six books on diverse topics, Jennifer believes in the power of the individual to progress their writing skill. This is about learning some handy techniques and practice, practice, practice.

In this progressive workshop series, the amateur writer will be guided to take their brief or broad sub-topics and make a specific book plan (an Outline). Take your laptop, as Jennifer will give you some tips on bringing your ideas out in CONSISTENT and COMPLETE chapters.


  • Strengthen your written voice and match your language to an audience.
  • Explore how to unpack your experience in different ways
  • Find out how to get inspired daily, without writer’s block.
  • Examine strong opening lines, theming and angles.
  • Adding style variations

Price: $150 per workshop.

Then grow your work, with follow-up sessions on Zoom (from 3 to 6 people).  Price To Be Advised.


Please let Jennifer know your stage, your book idea/s, and level. The price of the three workshops will be around $350 – $400, a saving over one-on-one coaching and allowing for rent of the light-filled space and support needed, such as the teacher!

A note on budget: Belong to a group, get your writing improved on a lower budget, and then (if desired) spend on editing and professional publication once you know the fundamentals and insider tips.