Every soloist, specialist or creative writer I’ve ever known wants to build their author platform, either before, during or after publishing a book.

If that’s your interest too, then let’s press on.

Who am I?

I’m Jennifer Lancaster, book publishing mentor, writer and editor.

I have been indie publishing my own (15 years) and others’ books (5 years), so I’ve learned A LOT.  

You can struggle with every book/author element and launch on your own, as many of us do, or decide that this time you’ll get some help!

I started writing in 1996. Half way through a marketing career, I decided to do a BA in Communications (Media and Journalism major) and Social Psychology sub-major.

I’ve met many authors who want to write a quality book for the world, and some who do exactly that.

Where am I?

I offer my author clients calls via Zoom or TeamViewer to anywhere in Australia/NZ and real meetings in northern Brisbane (Redcliffe).

People from all over consult with me about their books because I do what I say I am going to do, and am calm and friendly.

Why Build an Author Platform

Hurdles, Both Mental and Tangible

First, the mental side. Writing a book in the first place is like going up to the 20 m diving board and peering all the way down. Ooh, scary. You must first realise your worth.

Knowing your worth doesn’t come from doing, it comes from being.

Yonder Starr, coach

Then, you can practise writing for 5 to 10 years or hire a writing coach.

A book writing coach is someone who can help overcome your initial resistance, organise your structure and even make your book sound better. If you need this, there are only some books that I coach on, and they are non-fiction or creative non-fiction. I provide writing coaching for just 3 or 4 authors a year.

Most novices struggle through the book writing and audience targeting, then finally hire an editor to streamline (read, fix and cut back) their words. Thankfully, because otherwise it’s madness.

Then, after the book is nearly finished, a thought appears.

‘How am I going to reach my readers?’

Maybe that Print-on-Demand distribution and Kindle/iBooks distribution will do it? (Nope).

Then comes quite a lot of procrastination and stop-start efforts.

If you are in business and don’t want to remain anonymous, then you need to build an ‘Author Platform’ before you launch. That’s why we take an author-first marketing approach, not a book-first marketing approach.

If you want to be visible and sell books, you must start to build your author platform. Even if it’s completely by media accident! 

Most of us don’t luck onto media buzz, so we need some help with setting up our marketing, our brand, and a website or sales funnel.

Reasons you Might Hire an Author Marketing Consultant

To be more visible and attract the RIGHT group of people to your books and course/workshops/services. Without pushing visibility, your readers won’t just ‘happen on you’ on Amazon or iBooks.

Because you don’t know anything about digital marketing. Targeting an audience, writing teaser copy, making imagery for social media, and book funnels is beyond your ken.

You want to build an email list, but are scared to write email copy and automate stuff. What if people hate it?  I help you do that and help you see that it’s all trial and error. Every time.

You believe in your book’s content, but don’t know what to offer as a free sample. Or how to attract people to the free sample.

You know a website is imperative, but don’t know whether to do a BOOK website or work on your AUTHOR website. Spending hours and many hundreds of dollars in the wrong direction is not wise or sanity-protecting.

Because you have a case of perfectionism, and you can’t find someone good enough to design a banner, book cover, website, or bookmark. Once you do find them, you don’t know the terminology to get the best results. SEO? Web Hosting? Banners? JPEGs? Media Kit? AAH!

Why Learn and Not Just Get a Marketer to Do it All?

How long are you going to be able to afford someone to do all your marketing? If forever, then go right ahead. If not, it’s great to make an investment in yourself for the future.

For example, I wanted to learn the right marketing fundamentals and building an entrepreneurial business, so I studied it officially at University of Canberra. Even though I had been learning marketing for the past ten years in three business types, the study was useful. It also made me believe in myself!


… It’s only the technology and reader habits that change. We authors always get caught up in the ‘How’ and the Tech, but we forget that people new to us always need the same process:

  1. A warm-up device, like a long blog post, a book chapter, a video course, etc.
  2. Further nurturing, either on social media or via email (automated or personal).
  3. By this stage, 5-15% will love what you do and be ready to buy. Hurray!
  4. They see your advertisement or email promotion, and jump in with both feet.

Simple Marketing System Benefits – With Help

When you have a SIMPLE marketing system for both your book and services, you will win in two ways. Okay, three ways.

  1. You will attract more people to your services and keynotes through your book being in the spotlight.
  2. When you are in the spotlight and invited to events, you will have an amazing book to show people. (Credibility – big tick).
  3. You might also create a new coaching service or course from it!

How Long Will the Author Marketing Strategy Take?

The marketing strategy and coaching is tailored to your goals and needs, but will normally take 2 to 3 months. We offer various options to support you, depending on your goals and budget.

Author Right Start Marketing Support Package


  • Initial meeting and your briefing
  • 2 x hour-long marketing coaching sessions or 4 x half-hour sessions
    • Advice/training on content marketing for attraction
    • Help setting up a new email marketing system (done for you)
    • Advice on marketing your book, with book reviews, Goodreads, giveaway, and other free marketing techniques.


  • Help with optimising book meta data (keywords, categories, price, etc)
  • The Niche Marketing and Book guide (posted)
  • 3 months’ access to Book Creation Success Club (all resources, worth $117)
  • Email support for 2 months*

(Not incl. technical problems, which go straight to the system host as support tickets)

Author Website Plus Marketing Support Package


  • Initial meeting and your briefing
  • 3 x hour-long marketing coaching sessions… Discuss, plan and advise on:
    • website system to suit purposes
    • social media marketing via a scheduler + tips on images
    • content creation plan, for blog posting and guest posts
    • your first lead magnet
    • email marketing, including opt-in
    • marketing your book and getting reviews
  • Optional 1 hours’ training on recommended website builder (or equivalent help with marketing)
  • Optional 1 hours’ training on social media scheduling (not incl. cost of system)


  • Help with optimising book meta data (keywords, categories, price, etc)
  • Design of a Book Information Sheet and Media Kit from your info (PDF)
  • Digital Banner design, from your photo (for website)
  • Email support for 3 months (limit to non-technical support)
  • Bonus: The Niche Marketing and Books guide (posted)
  • 3 months’ access to Book Creation Success Club (worth $117)

+ Digital Course Marketing Support is extra (please enquire for pricing)

Online Resources:

Book Creation Success Club will open up a world of information around producing a book and marketing it, including templates you can use and audience targeting that can discuss. It’s easy to find the type of information for the stage you’re currently at.

Further Thought on Your Author Future

There is always scope to find a new book niche, however, do not go off and write two books in a different target reader hemisphere before completing your website. This will make your author platform journey much harder!

It is also wise to not have two pen names. While it works for Joanna Penn, it is twice the work. And who needs that?

Stop procrastinating… quit trying to be perfect… and make a start now. We’ll send an agreement and a 20% deposit is needed to get started properly!

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