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As a fledgling author or expert, you may have realised that you need an outstanding Profile, or ‘Bio’, so people can really ‘get’ what value you bring. Once crafted, this Bio can be used in many ways, e.g.:

  1. About the Author in a book
  2. LinkedIn Profile – Summary
  3. About Me/Us page or short bio on Blog
  4. Short version for the end of your own articles
  5. In your Media Kit – for when journalists/blog writers contact you
  6. On ABN / Flying Solo – networking style sites.

Currently my rate for Personal Profile Writing is $155 for:

  • 20 – 30 minute consultation / questions
  • 1 hour writing – minimum
  • Short review with client, ask for changes
  • 2nd Revision if needed
  • Final phone call to ensure satisfaction

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Similar to above, but with an emphasis on what value you give in general, and your primary aim.

  • 20 – 30 minute consultation / Brief questions
  • 1 hour writing – minimum
  • Short review with client
  • Helpful document “LinkedIn Walkthrough” – instructions on how to do all changes
  • Helpful LinkedIn implementation guide (PDF) on how to change your Profile.
  • Final phone call 10 minutes

LinkedIn Profile Writing Tips


[LinkedIn Title]:

Add the main keywords people look for (when they look for someone like you) in your title, as well as the standard terminology.


  • A short paragraph on your history and focus career-wise (don’t just use titles, really describe what you do).
  • A short paragraph about what important projects you are working on now (e.g. your book!).
  • A concise overview of what you can offer clients or employers. Really strike at their hearts with this one!
  • Optionally, your preferred way to contact you. A mention of your free ebook is a good idea.

Move up the “Endorsements” section so they go just after your Summary. Ensure you’ve listed all your current skills. It could include very narrow areas such as BAS accounting, tax auditing, etc.

Also move the “recommendations” to a prominent place. Ask a couple of happy clients to leave a recommendation – and do the same for people you know fairly well.

If you’ve got an easy-to-understand slide show, then sign up for SlideShare, “connect with LinkedIn” and bring that slide show into your profile. Ditto for an introductory video on Vimeo. Ditto for a portfolio (I use Behance – it’s free).

Victoria Ipri is the expert here, and she has an eBook called “LI: From Clueless to Confident!” in LinkedIn group: “The Confident Copywriter”. Group members may receive it free of charge.

With a powerful profile and a little weekly activity, your LinkedIn socialising will certainly pay off.

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