Well-written press releases offer two results. One, they can give the press a story to consider writing up, about your business or book.

Two, they can sit on your website, being a source for pro bloggers and editors searching for a story. 

When Power of Words writes a press release, we think of an appealing angle for the magazine or newspaper readership. An angle for a local paper would differ from an angle for nationwide niche magazines. For instance, we once wrote a press release about a new adult product. It was to be subtle, yet appeal to the correct demographic and still mention the product’s novel name. It got a small write-up in a niche market magazine.

Tips for Writing Press Releases

The press release must be fairly short and simple, however, quotes from a company leader is normally a must. And if the new product, book, service, or experience solves a problem or enhances a better-known product, then this should be expressed in the quotes.

One of the companies I worked with sold customised CRM services for Zoho CRM. They could tie their news to a new feature release of Zoho’s to enhance their brand. They might pitch it to business owners looking to solve common problems. Social media co-campaigns with bigger brands often help the smaller brand’s traction and credibility. Win-win.

press releases is storytelling

How much do Press Release Writing services cost in Brisbane?

If you think that professional press release distribution is out of reach for your small business, we’ve got some good news.

Press release writing at Power of Words costs from $210 for a standard length, including consultation. The price quoted includes writing, research and concept ideas, a round of changes, final proofreading, and client communications.

The reason storytelling works better than simply writing a spiel about your book is because the initial work of discovering an angle pays off in reader interest.

News release distribution. There are many paid online services and one free newswire (we can include this for clients if desired). Pitching takes little time; just some news angling and finding out some contact details of relevant news media. Yes, we have had success and sometimes it’s from unlikely places like Twitter or from finding the right kind of contacts.

Why Power of Words?

We spend $1,200 a year to belong to a top business network. We keep up our contact building in the media too, with a growing publications database. Jennifer aced her journalism and feature writing units at University, also enjoying photojournalism (distinction) and editing principles (high distinction). She went on to write books full of researched facts and insights. She wrote for Business Matters Magazine, Peninsula Life, and the portal Startsat60 as a freelancer.

If you’d like to get a qualified press release writer on hand, just contact Jennifer today. Her direct line is 0403 125 038.