Report Editing

Before editing makeover

Project: Report Editing

Special report (lead magnet) editing for a website opt-in for our wonderful client, Wendy of Organising Works. With our experience in copywriting, it was easy to simplify the material and make it punchy.  As added value, we made the report easier on the eye.

Our Task: To edit for punch, clarity, and grammar. Goal achieved!

Lead Generation Reports: Written for You?

Help your prospective clients and gain trust by having Power of Words compile a Lead Magnet for you!

An expert writer and editor, Jennifer will take your FAQs page, brochure, case studies, or other documents and turn them into a well-worded, awesome guide to place on your website for visitors to “opt in” to receive.

* Examples *

Sell a software suite, but the marketplace talks of complex features and functions, making it a choice confusing for anyone… let’s offer a guide that helps managers understand why certain aspects are more important… and what typical results it will bring to the business!

Perhaps a financial planner?  You could offer a financial strategies guide, straight from your website or blog.

A sales expert? One of our clients wrote his sales secrets book, as a lead generation tool. This could also be done with 10 sales tips and made into an attractive report for automatic download.

If you want us to write copy for the whole lead magnet, it ranges from $500 to $1,200, depending on what you need. Or it may include taking your rough draft and adding research, editing/revising, inserting tables, adding headings and designing it nicely in a PDF.

We work with you for a beneficial result… more leads, more opt-ins to your list, and greater trust. So please ask for a quote or estimate.

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