Editor Jen

Once upon a time, you had to ask a publisher for permission to share your words with the world. You traded manuscripts for rejection letters from gatekeepers and agents. Your dreams were at the mercy of someone else’s approval.

Since 2005, the landscape of publishing has undergone a transformative evolution. The once-elusive dream of becoming a published author is now in your own hands.

But wait. With those offering success in Amazon bestseller status, tricks and ‘secrets’ abound, peddled by those who haven’t written and published a heartfelt book. Some even quote $8,000 to help publish and guarantee this status, which is largely worthless to you after 48 hours!

New authors have said they can’t find enough guidance.

Relevant self-publishing information has been scattered at best, if not totally incorrect. The journey seemed confusing and overwhelming, with companies grabbing for your dollars left and right.

Thanks to Queenslander and editor Jennifer Lancaster, a simple solution has emerged. She has put all the essential knowledge (and a planning guide) into the Book Creation Self-Publish course.

You don’t need $8,000 to publish, as you might have seen. With Book Creation Self-Publish course, an Australian editor + a good cover design, the power to bring your words to life in a beautiful way is in your hands.

Planning is simple – as we provide templates and a planning workbook!

This revolutionary resource is the culmination of years of trialling and learning, adding and iterating, as she worked towards authors being able to take control of their publishing journey. Yes!

With a new BONUS class on book marketing, you’ll have the tools to build a thriving business around your passion for writing.

What will you learn with Book Creation Self-Publish?  Here is a quick overview.

1) Creating your book

Book Creation Self-Publish offers a complete framework to brainstorm and outline, finding out about publishing vs self-publishing, legal no-no’s, hooks, bios, gap research, and everything in between.

2) Learning about realities

Autonomy for the indie writer is so important. It will help you stay away from publish support predators, the ones who have sales teams and say you can get a Hay House publisher deal by paying for a self-publish package. Find out the true numbers on the royalty statements. Learn about why we use IngramSpark versus using Kindle Direct.

With five years of expertise distilled into a wealth of training and resources, Book Creation Self-Publish ensures you have everything you need to turn your passion for writing into a sustainable and fulfilling career.

3) Be ready for launch day

Besides knowing your categories from your keywords, there is also launch promotions to think about.  It starts by planning your pitch – an interesting hook – a template is in the course.

Capturing attention in a crowded digital marketplace involves: writing a stand-out, outcome-based blurb, really knowing your target audience, writing a blog, and making book quotes for Instagram, A+ content, & other posts.

We have new videos on these areas.

If you’re seeking a proven system to create and grow the online authorship business of your dreams, look no further.

Book Creation Self-Publish is your key to becoming… my new term: a Smart Indie Author.

A smart indie author seeks to understand the retail marketplaces, is commercial minded (at least partly) and does their own book marketing.

A smart indie author writes books because they have a strong message and connects with others (online or in person) to highlight that message.

Writing a Book - Support Option

Do you have too many ideas?

When you have plenty of ideas to write a book, it’s like having a multiple birth and choosing which baby to keep! They’re all so intriguing and valuable.

That’s why it’s harder to do the book outlining without support.

A book coach supporter can help you sift through your ideas and help find the topic you’re ready to launch into—and the world is hungering for. 

We help with the narrowing of your topic. 

Planning is also necessary if you don’t want to spend a motza on editing work… a book not based on a single golden thread. The outline document, something that you are guided on, is designed to save time when writing.