Find out about Writing a Book

Hi Potential Author!

Welcome to my website and the Business Author Academy way. I’m an editor and author mentor, and I live in Brisbane, Australia.

Do you have too many ideas?

When you have plenty of ideas to write a book, it’s like having a multiple birth and choosing which baby to keep! They’re all so intriguing and valuable.

That’s why it’s harder to do the book outlining without support. 

A book coach supporter can help you sift through your ideas and help find the topic you’re ready to launch into—and the world is hungering for. Or they can help with tools to empower your own processes.

To this end, there is an outlining mini-course in the Business Author Academy that would help many non-fiction authors, which is low cost or free with the Book Creation Success program. (By the way, others charge $2,000 for similar courses but ours is still under $200). 

Planning is necessary if you don’t want to spend a motza on editing work from creating an unstructured book… a book not based on a single golden thread.. 

The Simple Book Writing classes have not yet started… I am currently taking Interest only. Let’s start by chatting about your aims.

I also have 1-to-1 Writing Coaching program – if you want to have an editor to help you write a full-length book. A higher level, it starts from $2,450… (because it involves not only Zoom sessions to answer your questions, but also involves comments and corrections on your progressing work). Access to Book Creation Success course comes with the program.

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