You want to offer something juicy to discerning people in their first steps towards your business. This is where Content Writing comes in.

These days, business managers are not waiting to be sold to. They’re out gathering information, looking at various recommendations or reviews, and making decisions about your competitive space (and your company) before they ever pick up the phone.

Whether good or bad, many prospective buyers form a preconceived idea about your company before they meet your team. Some have a preconceived notion that your industry is terrible, or that the role you perform is redundant. Someone once said to me, “Oh, auto-bots will be writing all our content soon, so we won’t need writers.” (Ouch!) Bots are now ‘writing’ news items, but for forming persuasive articles, not so much!

Globally, on average, marketers spend over 25% of their marketing budget on content marketing. (DemandMetric.com)

Why is Content Writing the ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ of Marketing?

Dr. Seuss was right: eating Green Eggs and Ham is a bit off-putting at first. So is writing masses of niche articles to impress virtual strangers. Pillar posts. Topical series. Lead-attracting guides or reports.

What if nobody reads them? What if the articles don’t represent our brand values? What if there is all this work but it doesn’t convince people to buy?

That’s where a Content Marketing Strategy and the talents of a versatile content writer comes in. Instead of writing blindly, after a deeper briefing we can tie in brand values, portray a personality and highlight some of the benefits of your services… all without ‘selling’.

What do People Respond to?

Regarding branded content, Demand Metric found that 68% of people spend time reading about brands that interest them (CM infographic). Much of this reading is on blogs or in magazine articles.

Some prefer graphics, so marketers use blog banners or infographics or real-life photography to ‘speak’ to their audience in another way.

Your Content Marketing (Article) Plans

You are wanting a steady and strong brand voice and someone who can lead your content publishing. As a manager or director, you have little time to be fiddling with revisions, checking facts, or comparing articles to see if the writing voice has changed.

You want the chocolate, not the recipe.

This means results like new specialist content added monthly and a growing list of company leads to nurture. (I’m partners with GetResponse marketing systems, and automation is all part of it).

Introducing Your Writer and Editor

author of marketing books

Founding Power of Words in 2008, Jennifer Lancaster has both written copy for websites and edited many outstanding books of a non-fiction type. Since her Communications degree in 2002, she has quietly edited over half a million words and written over 230 articles.

Besides writing articles and proofreading, Jennifer advises authors as a book writing coach.

Founder of Business Author Academy and author of several how-to books, Jennifer has written or created hundreds of pieces of content: Pros & Cons PDFs, audio files, how-to videos, comparisons, marketing templates, and cheat sheets.

Writing Rates are from $175 to $240 each blog written (keyword insertion and revision included) or $400 per month (two full blogs and image).

Content Writing for a Business Audience

Your firm may already be paying for SEO technical work or website development. That’s ideal… but it’s also pointless without a content strategy. Did you know, websites that include a blog typically have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. (Forbes) Our book publishing blog certainly attracted about 75% of our clients in the past six years.

When writing, we have to remember that Google prefers website pages which give answers to common search questions. This could be part of a plan, however, I never advise to drop everything and only do what Google wants. Since our overarching aim is:

  • More ideal browsers
  • More ideal leads
  • More ideal sales prospects to call

We need to keep this in mind.

Some content types will help interested browsers come to know your general solution and the company: what it stands for.

Some content types (reports or guides) give something that helps the decision-maker with proof and starts your sales funnel working.

Very few content types (e.g. product sales pages/online clubs) go straight for the sale or direct action.

If your business has a budget for content writing services and you’d like to have a Discovery call… fire away. If you are based in Moreton Bay, please note your suburb and I will come to meet you.

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