If your business is still only using advertising and solitary pages to launch, then take a closer look at hiring a freelance content marketer to develop a better and more sustainable launch marketing approach.

Why Use Planned Content Marketing?

With a product launch imminent, you want all eyes on both web and social media content, including reworking your blog to include the three types of content. Including images and video has been shown to create more ‘time on page’, as well as get shown higher in search engine results.

It’s not just for SEO sake. Almost 75% of companies surveyed said content marketing helps boost the number and quality of leads they see (WebFx).

There is no better way to promote your new product than with a mix of content posting, a downloadable guide and social sharing.

What does Content Marketing for Launches include?

  1. Defining the goals we’ll aim for, including how to measure KPIs with specific metrics
  2. Audience discovery, including the patterns of typical buyers of such a product
  3. Recommended topics/keywords to focus on (based on research of your offering and search terms)
  4. Content Themes and written messages ready for your product launch, to intrigue and inform
  5. Recommended platforms to publish and promote content on (we don’t do the posting itself)
  6. An ideal posting schedule, with topics mapped on a content calendar
  7. Suggestions for optimising the words on your website for better customer flow and higher conversions
  8. Execution of the above, including creating article content and a “consumer’s guide” (PDF) or a webinar script.
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Lifeless Blog or an Article Bank with Relevant Guides?

With the gnat-like attention spans today, relevance is key.

Blogs these days are not resourceless wonders, they are well-researched articles that help new visitors at Discovery stage. As an in-depth article bank, they can create a bridge between cold searchers and your new product/service pages.

They must have a relevant call to action at the end, if they are to be a successful entry into your sales process.

These Content Marketing service options include both strategy to reach the right audience with the right kind of content — and that content itself.

Another option, for a small additional investment, is to include simple videos made from all the posts, with captions on screen.

So, if you want to get affordable content marketing for launches, then please speak to Jennifer today.

We do not outsource our writing and content marketing ideas. It all comes from the brain or research from our personal efforts!