Take a simple drive to a healthier life book
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ISBN: 9780648093008
Pages: 86

“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. This saying is especially true for your health.  Random luck plays a large role, but you can make your own luck as well. With over 25 years' experience in family medical practice, Dr. Roger Smith has seen many telling examples of this.  This healthy living tips book is an easy and fun read.

Publisher: Power of Words
Reviews:Kim Teo on Amazon.com.au wrote:

A refreshing change from some high profile faddish books written by unqualified authors. Dr Smith provides common sense advice amount maintaining your health and the added bonus on how to care for your car.

Just as you need to provide sufficient care for your car to keep it running well, your own personal vehicle (your body) is no different. If you neglect to service your car or ignore warning signs of trouble, you risk a major breakdown. 

Neglecting your car may be expensive, but at least it’s replaceable. Unlike your body – where it’s not so easy to undo years of neglect. But with the right attention and personal effort, you will be able to perform a skilful U-turn and your health may improve dramatically.

So come along for a simple drive to a healthier life, and live longer too!

(Illustrated with simple graphics).

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