Website Editing Consultation

Would you like your website’s words to read better? Not only that, our website editing service also makes the text more persuasive and Google-friendly.

Website editing is within most small business budgets because it is a much faster task than copywriting. But we do always prefer the task of re-writing the copy to suit the new vision and brand of the company.

Jennifer is an experienced website copywriter who is available for a website content consultation. Having studied the art of copywriting in 2009, she knows about effective calls to action, headlines, conversational writing, and Search Engine Optimisation techniques. In short, she knows how to sell with the written word.

'Power of Words' changed with the times... 2009 - 2020

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What is Website Copywriting?

Website copy is meant to firstly attract the right customers, so the copywriter implements keywords that are used often and those more likely to attract buyers.

Next, website copy must grab the reader immediately. So, we write a headline that states a major benefit of procuring this service or one that asks a pertinent question. This is highly effective.

The first paragraph will back up this headline with compelling proof. Not only that, it should mention your main keywords and use other credibility points to ensure your pages are persuasive.

You can see that website copywriting of pages is much more than proofreading. It is a plain English conversation about the services or goods, spaced out with subheadings and with related navigational aids. It may involve some research into what the service gives people and what the usual complaints about getting such a service or product are.

In addition to an active contact number at the top, a compelling call to action on each page (such as “Call 1300xxx now for a free 15-minute chat to discover your best solution”) reminds them what to do.

Power words should be used in headings when at all possible, as these have more clout. e.g. You, discover, new, safety, love, etc. A headline should invoke some emotion in the reader.

Jennifer Lancaster provides clear and budget-friendly project fee estimates. Website copywriting ranges per project from $205 to $1100 or so, depending on the length and breadth of the project. This includes a half-hour to 1-hour brief and co-ordination to hit the target audience right.

Copy editing quotes are based on a $70 hourly rate x average time editing will take per page x the number of pages. Normally, because all the research and brand style guide work is already done, editing will take a much shorter amount of time. If this has not been done, then the writing work must be started afresh rather than trying to fix it with the wrong angle and the wrong language.

If you’re ready with the details of your website writing project, approx. number of pages and desired goals, then please send it to Jennifer for a no-obligation quote.

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