Attracting new buyers

Attracting New Buyers, Despite the Odds

What a set of terrible circumstances East Coast Aussies have had! Floods in Brisbane & Lismore & more… plus other challenges, like long wait-times on calls… Some have endured the odds of the past two years and continue to do so. Well, let’s remember how fortunate we are. Even the people who had their house flooded said, “Well, it could have been a lot worse, the next-door neighbours need more help”. But this piece is about attracting new buyers and the blockages to that, so let’s get on with it.…
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Interview with startup manual author

Author Interview: Donatas Jonikas Talks about Marketing his Book

Recently Jennifer interviewed Dr. Donatas Jonikas, Lithuanian author of Startup Evolution Curve, about his new book that scored many natural 5-star reviews on Amazon. You'll find many 'secrets to book success' within. Q. I noticed you give away 100 pages of the book, plus 20 templates based on the book. Did this move seem to lead to more book sales and interest? I did this at the very beginning, so I don’t have firm data about sales before sharing the excerpt and the set of templates. I can’t prove whether it…
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