Using LinkedIn for Authors

Using LinkedIn for Authors – Challenge

This article is more of a guideline and challenge for authors who believe their LinkedIn presence could be better. Let’s call it the “7-Day Challenge to Expand and Capitalise on our LinkedIn Presence”. As I prepare this challenge, I’m giving away a “Linkedin profile walkthrough” PDF — a 25-page guide on how to improve your profile (like a written tutorial). Ironically, I’m giving this away on my Facebook page: facebook.com/selfpublishingmentor Preparations for your Profile Sprucing You won’t need a LinkedIn Premium account, but you will need an account. Don’t forget your…
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book marketing twitter

Book Marketing with Twitter

If you have a book to promote, then Twitter is something that can be easy to get started with. If you’re setting up Twitter just for your book marketing, then use your author photo and include your topic area in your summary. Twitter is a platform that is useful for short, clear messages, with a hash tag… with or without an image. You don’t have to pay, but you can also choose to pay to promote a particular “Launch” tweet. Tip #1 – Ensure you have a Keyword in Each Tweet…
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