self-publishing mentor to guide

Self-Publishing Mentor to Guide You

IT IS SO HARD TO BECOME AN INDIE AUTHOR and BE SUCCESSFUL. (That’s why you may need a self-publishing mentor). In my enthusiasm for writing useful books, I didn’t realise the absolute sh#t you have to deal with being a self-published author of any kind. There is a lack of book distribution partners who deal with us… I mean the kind that take 70% and give you access to the Big W, Target, and franchise bookstores. There is a lack of retailer co-operation on things like retail price points (my…
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aussie self-publishing school review

What’s an Aussie Alternative to Self-Publishing School?

Authors often look online for book publishing training, and some Australians find Self-Publishing School, by Chandler Bolt. He is American. Reviews state that one author enrolled with some feeling that it would provide support services, but always remember that author training schools are not services like editing and formatting. Let’s compare Self-Publishing School to Book Creation Success Club at Business Author Academy, Australia. It is a sequential type course, so the person learns one part at a time. Ours delivers the marketing section in month 2, but the rest you…
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why use IngramSpark POD

Why use IngramSpark Print on Demand?

If you’re a self-publisher searching for a Print on Demand platform that helps your book get a wide reach, with no sales machine, then IngramSpark Print on Demand (POD) could be of interest. IngramSpark is a self-publishing option offered by Lightning Source, a large scale book printing house. They will make your titles available through Ingram Book Group, a leader in print and electronic wholesale distribution. They serve over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools, ecommerce companies and other partners — including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and book wholesalers. It’s easy to make…
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recession proof book publishing

How Can I Recession Proof my Book Publishing Business?

It’s that time in the economic cycle where the rubber hits the road… and starts flying off everywhere. Only 1 in 3 employers state they are going to increase salaries by over 3 percent. Costs are rising. Small businesses are hard enough to run, but with the global competition of book publishing at an all-time high, it starts to make you worry about the future of your fledgling book publishing business. There is no need to wail. One, because business training for adults is getting cheaper (more on that soon).…
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which self-publishing platform

Choosing a Self-Publishing Platform Ain’t Easy

If you’re in the process of finishing a book and wondering how to self-publish your book or eBook, you might have started doing some research online. Soon you realised that there are so many self-publishing author services, vanity presses, and Print on Demand that you cannot possibly make a clear decision. So it comes back to finding out the opinion of self-published authors who have been through it. CNet’s David Carnoy says: “Royalties are better (with an author services company e.g. CreateSpace) than what “real” publishers offer, but there are caveats, and true…
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